Baby Smith is on the Way

What a whirlwind of a marriage so far!  Shortly after seven months of marriage I discovered I was pregnant with our little LoveBug.  I can not even begin to describe the storm of emotions that followed (joy, fear, excitement, anxiousness and gratitude… Just to name a few)

Here’s the story so far:

After a few months of marriage we decided that I would stop taking The Pill. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made (I doubt I’ll ever take it again!) we had a few reasons to stop taking it but some of the top on the list were: we wanted a family sooner rather than later, we trusted in God’s perfect timing and just the way the pill works and what it was doing to my body was not something either of us wanted. 

About five months later at around 5am in the morning and four days late I tested positive for pregnancy.  I was in such a shock I just left the test on the counter and crawled back into bed!  Dallas had woken up and asked if I’d tested. I told him yes and that it was positive. We both started praying and laughing in that moment!!

It’s been a wild first trimester!  We told immediate family right away mainly because Dallas’s sister was leaving for college and my brother was in town for the weekend. It worked out perfectly!  We were bursting with excitement so keeping the pregnancy a secret the whole first trimester was going to be impossible for us. We decided to wait and hear the little Bug’s heartbeat and get a thumbs up from the doctor and then we let everyone know around 9-10 weeks. 

The first trimester has been hard for me mainly because of intense morning sickness. But I’ll write about that in another post.  I also have a lot of very not fun symptoms that are very TMI but perfectly normal according to the doctor. 

The only red flag we’ve received so far was during our ultrasound. My uterus has a small blood spot/clump/tear. However, doctor told us that *usually* these go away without incident. It’s still nerve wracking but I was given some ways to best prevent it from growing. We have another ultrasound in a week to check on it. 

Right now Dallas and I are just celebrating the little life growing inside me. We would appreciate any prayers and/or words of encouragement!

Dear Sweet Baby Bug,
We pray for you everyday!  We pray for God to continue growing you and breathing life into you. We pray for your heart and your salvation one day. You have already changed our lives for the better and I can’t wait to meet you little one. 

Your blessed Momma.