So Long, First Trimester!

Hallelujah, I’m officially out of the first trimester!!  What a doozy…  those first weeks of pregnancy were a whirlwind of emotions. I was so grateful and so excited about Baby Bug!  However along with my joy came extreme morning sickness 😷
I’m a teacher… so other teachers know the pain of missing school and needing a substitute. Because of morning sickness I missed FIVE days of school in the first five weeks. I also came in an hour (or more) late to school about three times. 

The struggle was real in our house. 

I couldn’t decide which was worse… someone telling me they had morning sickness the whole nine months or someone telling me about so-and-so who didn’t have any morning sickness.  Let’s just say A LOT of tears were shed. I was plagued with guilt. Guilt about feeling miserable and being unproductive. Guilt about complaining to people. Guilt about being sick and feeling like it was somehow my fault. Guilt about not being a good enough teacher and wife. 

I want to encourage anyone struggling with morning sickness. It’s okay to cry. It’s okay to stay home from work. It does not mean you are not strong enough. Everyone’s pregnancy is different. I had to accept that. I also had to ask for help. 
When I first told my doctor that I had horrible morning sickness the response was “oh, that’s normal!” With a big smile. If Dallas wouldn’t have been with me I probably would have accepted that answer and stopped there. But he pushed… explaining how bad the nausea was and how often I was in the bathroom throwing up anything and everything.  That’s when I finally got prescription medicine. It wasn’t a magic cure but it sure helped!

Let’s just say I’m glad the sickness is finally starting to ease up. I can see the glorious light at the end of the tunnel. I’m no longer whispering to myself between throwing up that it’s all worth it. I already can see it. Finally! 


Dearest Little LoveBug,
Every sick day, every second spent over a toilet was worth it. I would already do it all over again and I haven’t even held you in my arms yet!!  I’ve seen you though. Wiggling and moving away inside of me. Your daddy and I had a good laugh at your acrobatic skills at our last ultrasound. I can’t wait to meet you face to face little Bug. You are already such a blessing to me. You push me toward God as I seek comfort and patience and love. 

❤️ your waiting momma ❤️

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