Sweet Gemma Raine

It’s officially official πŸ’— Baby Smith is a little girl!  I’m in shock that we’re actually halfway through the pregnancy.  It’s really flying by and I’m so glad. 

She’s such an active little bug. Constantly wiggling and moving. We pray she takes the world by storm! 

Jesus take the wheel 😳 We are already so eager to meet our little Gemma but we know she is safe and cozy and growing right now. 

This next season is going to be so busy!  Dallas and I pack up and move to Fort Worth in two weeks. Then we have Christmas πŸŽ„ right around the corner and our anniversary trip to Memphis!

So in the meantime I’m keeping myself busy with packing, school teaching and picking up the new hobby of sewing. 😬 oh all the baby stuff!! πŸ’—

πŸ’œThe SmithsπŸ’œ