Welcome to our home

The home is such an important part of life and relationship. A home is where you should feel relaxed, safe, comfortable, welcomed and just able to be yourself.  It’s not necessarily about size or even what decorates the walls. It’s an atmosphere, a feeling that permeates the place.

Dallas and I have dreams for our home this new year. We just moved into a tiny little duplex back in December. The place radiates potential homeyness.  So we have developed goals to simplify and minimize all the stuff we have accumulated since being married and in our years of being single.  We want to declutter our lives and be content with less. We want our home to be open and inviting, a place to build relationships and watch our little girl grow. 

It’s a slow process but one we are dedicated to working on this year.  We’ve already made a lot of progress and I’m excited to show you a few sneak peaks into some of my favorite spots of this little house.

Welcome to the Smith’s Home!

Our Tiny Little Kitchen

The table barely fits and we can only use 3 out of the 4 chairs but we love it.  Our Aloe Vera is the only plant I’ve ever been able to keep alive and I’ve really grown to adore it.  It only took me two minutes to construct the card display.  I used some left over ribbon, gold tacks, from the husband’s toolbox, and some black clothes pins that I pulled off an unused menu board.


Photo Collage in the Living Room

In our old apartment the frames hung without pictures for almost eight months.  It was one of the first things I put up in the new house.  Our yellow sofa is worn but in good condition and so far we like the green table bare… but that might change.  I am so excited to see how these pictures change as Gemma is born and grows!

Welcome to Our Room

I’m going to be honest with you… There is a full basket of dirty laundry at the foot of the dresser and a handful of mismatched socks hidden behind the picture frame but other than that invisible “realness” I really love this space!  I love the easy access to the record player and will be researching an easy DIY to hold my vinyls somewhere close by.  All the decor (canvases, wooden sign, and picture frame) were wedding gifts!

I’m in love with the two windows in our bedroom!  The light is just breathtaking.  I try and keep our bed simple and tend not to hang anything over it for fear of it falling and crushing our heads as we sleep.   However, this simple white and gold wooden sign was too good to pass up.  My husband has a habit of hanging things higher than I would like but I think it works for now.


Thanks for sticking around if you made it to the end!  Is anyone else purging and minimizing for the new year!?  I would love to hear about or see some of the clutter free and simplistic spaces that you love in your home.  Also, don’t forget to check out my pinterest for more ideas and lovely images of inspiring home spaces.

Leave a comment letting me know about some of your projects to turn your hose into a home!


6 thoughts on “Welcome to our home

  1. Brittany and Dallas, love the newness of young folks as I was once there. Your home now is priceless and every one after will be more priceless as your lives go on. God Bless you two on your journeys and continue on.
    Love your writing and awesome ideas. Cousins from cousins Peggy Freeman


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