Portrait Photography of the Week [1/52]

One of the photography challenges I’m taking over the new year is to capture a portrait of someone in my family every week for the whole year of 2017. I’m also taking my pictures in manual mode and plan on doing a post on that sometime in the future. It definitely wasn’t as difficult as I thought to learn my way around manual! (And that’s coming from someone who didn’t understand why anyone would shoot in manual when the cameras now-a-days are designed to do all the work for you!)

So here is my first project for week one of 2017. I couldn’t help myself and posted THREE pictures but honestly I want this to be a one picture per person type project. I’ll need to get better at choosing!

Dallas [1/52]


| Canon ESO 60D | ISO: 800 | Aperture (F-Stop): 4.5 | Shutter Speed: 1/25 |


| Canon ESO 60 D | ISO: 1,000 | Aperture (F-Stop): 4.5 | Shutter Speed: 1/125 |



| Canon ESO 60 D | ISO: 1,600 | Aperture (F-Stop): 7.1 | Shutter Speed: 1/15 |

I can not wait to see how my photography improves as I embark on this challenge for 2017.  I’d love to hear from anyone doing a photography challenge in 2017!  Don’t forget to check out my Pinterest account to  see more photography inspiration!!


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