DIY: Floral Letter Decoration

Have I got a project for you!  I had been thinking about Gemma’s nursery and imagining how it would look when completely decorated.  I’m going for a slight woodsy theme to match the bedding I picked out.  So I started searching Pinterest and I found an awesome DIY project.  It seemed so cheap and easy enough for me to do well so I decided to take it on.


flowers, DIY, letter

Floral Letter Decor

The two posts where I first saw this project can be found here and here.  I must admit both of theirs turned out better than mine but I’m still really in love with the finished project. It’s minimal and girly and will fit in her nursery perfectly.

Here are the supplies I used:

  • Cardboard box (we had a bunch because we just moved)
  • Box Cutter
  • Hot Glue
  • Sharpie
  • Fake Flowers (from Dollar Tree)
  • Scissors
  • String
  • Tape
Step – by – Step Instructions

The first thing I did was hand draw a large letter ‘G’ on the side of one of our cardboard boxes.  I wish, now, that I had made the letter so much bigger!!  It seemed so big at the time I didn’t realize it.  However, once you start adding the flowers (trust me) you’d rather have a larger letter.  After drawing the ‘G’ I used the box cutter to cut the letter out.

cardboard box, letter G cut out

cardboard letter G cutout

I used fake flowers from the Dollar Tree.  It’s the perfect time to buy them because spring is right around the corner.  I only spent $6 and I had more than enough for my letter.  The hardest part was choosing which flower and what colors!  Luckily, my sister was there to help and I think the end result looked really great.

Fake Flowers, Letter G, Cardboard
Fake Flowers, cream and pink


To prepare the flowers you need to pull off the stems so they’re just the flower part.  I even cut the back of each flower to try and help it lay as flat as possible on the cardboard.  Then you heat up your hot glue gun and get to gluing!

Fake Flowers, cream and pink

I glued the flowers onto the cardboard cut out, trying not to show much of the cardboard underneath.  I was afraid I would run out of flowers so I tried not to bunch them up too close together.  In the end I had more than enough.

hot glue, fake flowers, letter g
letter g, cardboard, fake flowers
fake flowers, letter g, cardboard
fake flowers, letter g, cardboard
fake flowers, letter g, cardboard
End Result

My biggest problem was the size of my letter.  I started to realize that it might be hard to tell that it was a ‘G’ and not a ‘C’ because of how full the flowers were getting.  I had a small freak out moment and then quickly brainstormed many different options (trash and start over, trash and don’t start over, somehow turn into a different style of ‘G’ …)

fake flowers, letter g, cardboard

Per my husband’s idea, I ended up just taking a pair of scissors and trimming the flowers down.  That allowed the space inside the G to be seen a little better.  I really love how it turned out and the only thing I would go back and change would be to make a larger letter.  (Don’t be afraid to go big!)  I used the string and tape to help hang the letter from the nursery room wall.

floral letter g wall decoration


Let me know what you think in the comments!  Try out the project at home and feel free to share any changes or modifications you made to your own projects.




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