February Love Challenge

How is it already almost February?  The new year is going way too fast!  Seriously, it’s tripping me out.  I have so many different goals and plans for 2017.  There’s so much that I want to do.  One of the biggest is to make sure I take the time to really let others know how much I care, appreciate and love them!!

I’m going to be honest here… I don’t love very well.  It’s a challenge fore me.  However, it is something that I want to get better at.  Jesus calls us to love and I want to be obedient to that calling.  What a better time than the month that holds Valentine’s Day!?!

I know there’s a lot of different perspectives on this interesting holiday.  It can be romantic, depressing, sappy, caring.  Some people love the holiday, some people hate it, some people want to love it but feel like they can’t because they’re not in a relationship and some people probably don’t even care one way or the other.

I like Valentine’s Day and I believe it’s a holiday that holds a lot of potential.  I’m excited to celebrate it fully this year, and not with a romantic dinner with my husband (not that I’m refusing that!).  I just want to celebrate this Valentine’s Day a little differently.  I want to celebrate love, appreciation, thankfulness and the like.

So why limit that to one day when we can use the whole month of February!?  I’ve made a list of 28 ways I can show the people around me that I love them, I care for them, and I’m thinking of them.  Instead of documenting my whole month of love in a series of blog posts I thought instead I would offer the same list to you all!  Whether you’re like me and have a hard time expressing love or whether you throw love around like confetti and are just looking for more ways to do it, I’d love for you to get some use out of this challenge.

Introducing the February Love Challenge!

I didn’t break the tasks down by day.  Instead this is a list of things I want to try and do this month.  Almost like a February Bucket List.  I’m excited and I’m also nervous.  I am an emotional person yet I don’t like showing the emotion very often.  Expressing my love towards others makes me very uncomfortable so this will be a fun challenge to tackle this month.  It comes just in time to help me prepare for our little LoveBug’s arrival.  I want to set an example for our sweet Gemma Girl of how to love others well.

Download the February Love Challenge Here!!


I hope you enjoy taking on this challenge with me!  Don’t feel pressured to check everything off this list.  My hope is that by using this list and others as a guideline we can intentionally live this February with a little more love.

Don’t be shy, leave a comment!!


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