Frugal Valentine’s Day Decorations

five dollar valentine's day decor, mug, printable, wreath, garland, sign

It’s officially February!!  The month of LOVE.

I was never a huge fan of Valentine’s Day.  However, now that I’m older, married, and better understand the need to show people LOVE I’m climbing on board the Valentine’s Day festivities.  I want to raise Gemma to celebrate loving others!

To see how I’m challenging myself to better love others check out my last post.

Our Home Decorations

Being an inspiring homemaker, I wanted our home to reflect this season.  I scoured Pinterest and other places looking for DIY projects and other cheap decorations.  Dallas and I are on a strict budget and can’t afford to spend very much in the area of decorations… technically our budget for home decor is $0.  Currently the only two Valentine’s Day decorations in our house are a $3 banner from Target and an old mug that Dallas got from who-knows-where before we were even married… Technically, it might have been his mom’s.

XOXO, banner, red, pink, string mug, hearts, ceramic, aloe vera plant

It’s not very much.  For now, however, it’s a start!


Frugal Valentine’s Day Decorations

Because of our lack of Valentine’s Day decor I decided to put together a little wish list for myself.  It’s five decorations for under $5 (including two DIY projects that I’m estimating would cost me $5).

valentine's day sign, valentine's day wreath, be mine printable, heart garland, pink mug

  1. Valentine’s Day Sign from Target – $2.00
  2. Heart shaped pom-pom wreath from Fynes Designs – DIY
  3. “Be Mine” Printable from Salt and Cove – $5.00
  4. Paper Heart Chandelier from Inspired to Share – DIY
  5. You, Me and Coffee mug from Target – $4.99



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