Date Night Ideas

How can it be that I only have EIGHT WEEKS until Gemma’s due date!?!  Time needs to slow down now.  Seriously.  Don’t get me wrong.  I can not wait to finally hold my baby girl.  I want to see her little face and I want to see her in Dallas’s arms.  That being said, I know that our lives our about to change DRASTICALLY.


Date Nights Before Baby

Right now, Dallas and I can have date night pretty much any and every night.  It’s just us.  Yes, we still like to schedule out special dates and we still set aside specific times to make sure we don’t get too busy.  With work and school our lives can feel so fast paced sometimes and if we aren’t intentional we’ll realize that a week’s gone by without us making time for each other.

However, we have the freedom to make every night date night if we wanted to.  After work and school (most nights of the week) we are together from when dinner is being cooked and consumed until bedtime.  Only us two.  It’s lovely and a privilege.  One we won’t have for much longer.  Pretty soon our sweet Gemma will make her grand debut and we will have a tiny little human that will get the majority of our focus.

Date Nights After Baby

Now I can’t actually give you a run down of what dating looks like post baby… well, because I’m not post baby yet.  The only thing I can share with you is my thoughts on the matter.  *If you are marred with kids, I would LOVE to hear any and all advice concerning dating your spouse after the baby comes*

Dallas and I really want to make sure our marriage is still getting the focus it deserves once Gemma is here.  We want to make time for *us* and we want to continue going on dates.  So, just in time for Valentine’s Day, I have created a list of 28 date ideas.  These ideas are not necessarily a check list but more of a brainstorming list to help us be intentional about dating once we have our baby.

28 Date Ideas
  1. Movie Marathon – I don’t really know how this will work post baby but we’ve always wanted to take a weekend and watch the Lord of the Rings or other movie series.  Bust out the popcorn and we’re ready to roll.
  2. Dream of the Future – This is always fun for us.  Add some coffee or ice cream to the mix and we can talk about our ideas for the future for hours.
  3. Plant a Garden – okay, this is already on our to-do list… however, if we’re doing it together it counts as a date, right?
  4. Yard Sales – Wake up early one Saturday and scope out some yard sales.  Believe it our not Dallas has asked to do this a few times already.
  5. Draw or Paint Something Together – I’ve seen a Painting with a Twist couples group where one person paints the Dallas Skyline and the other paints the Fort Worth Skyline.  It would be perfect for us!!  I’m determined to do it one day… Or attempt to do it on our own.
  6. Questionnaire – Come up with a list of questions to ask each other.  Serious, Personal, Funny etc. It’s always crazy how you can still learn things about your spouse when you feel like you know them so well already!
  7. Game Night – bust out some two player games and let your competitive sides loose.
  8. Learn a New Hobby – juggling, sewing, a magic trick, playing the ukulele… The hobby doesn’t matter, just choose one, watch some YouTube videos and start learning together!
  9. Farmer’s Market – Another Saturday morning date.  Hit up the local farmer’s market for some fresh herbs and veggies.  Take your time and stroll around enjoying each others company.
  10. Volunteer– I know it doesn’t sound like a date but seeing you significant other show generosity and selflessness is definitely a turn on!  Do something good TOGETHER.
  11. Hiking– This is a personal favorite of ours.  We also plan to do this a lot with Gemma as well.  Get outside and walk a trail or around a park.  Enjoy nature and each other, as well as getting good exercise.
  12. Bookstore– There’s something magical about a good bookstore.  We could spend an hour or more in a good bookstore.  We tend to like different types of books so we can easily get separated.  However we enjoy telling each other about the fascinating books we’ve found.
  13. Drive-in Movie – a twist to the normal movie date night.
  14. Puzzle – I really love puzzles, but I’ve haven’t done one in years!
  15. Tourist Spot– We live in a city with tons of tourist locations and we’ve never visited any of them!  Just be sure to do you research to find the discount days.
  16. Bake Something New – We found this really cool apple pie bite recipe while we were engaged and baked them together.  It was so fun and they turned out delicious!  We definitely need to try it again sometime.  There are so many great places to find recipes now a days.
  17. Photoshoot – I’m talking set up the tripod and get some photos of us together!  We both really enjoy photography and neither one of us mind being in front of the camera either.
  18. Roadtrip – whether it’s twenty minutes or two hours away just get in the car and go someplace new.  It doesn’t matter where!
  19. At Home Spa Night – candles, music, oil… need I say more?
  20. Coffee and Dessert – Some of our favorite dates are just to a new or local coffee shop or out to get ice cream.
  21. Eat outside – Maybe it’s a picnic, homemade dinner on the back porch or the local food trucks.  There’s something so fun about eating outside!
  22. Double Date – Split the cost of a babysitter and go out with another couple!
  23. New Restaurant – Take a look at nearby restaurants that you’ve never been to and choose one to venture out to.
  24. Science Experiment– Maybe it’s because I’m a teacher but doing science experiments together is always so much fun!  Dallas and I had a blast creating and testing out circuits before I taught them to my students.
  25. Exchange Love Letters– There’s something so rejuvenating about writing a love letter to the love of your life and then reading one written to you!
  26. Go Dancing – Take dance lessons or just turn on the music and dance at home.
  27. Explore the Neighborhoods – take a drive and check out the surrounding neighborhoods.
  28. Go to a Play – It could be a fancy play, a local play or even a high school play.  Doesn’t matter!

So there you have it! Just a few ideas to hopefully help out when you’re unsure of what to do on a date night.  Just remember to be intentional about date nights!  I have a FREE printable of the dates listed above that you can download here.  Also, you can check out my Pinterest for even more date night ideas!

28 date ideas to fall back on
28 date night ideas from Tale of Two Smiths Blog


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