What’s in my Diaper Bag

You can read in this post here about how I keep a Diaper Bag ready to go so I can get up and go at a moments notice. So, I decided to go into more detail about how I try to keep Gemma’s bag organized and ready at all times.

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The Diaper Bag

First, let me talk about the actual diaper bag(s).  I have two that I rotate between.  Personally, I like the backpack style diaper bag which is what both of these bags are.  I think they are easier to carry around and it doesn’t look silly if Dallas were to carry either one of them.  The first bag is a black and white Kelty bag.  It has a beautiful blue changing pad that matches the inside of the bag.  I also love the insulated front pocket which can hold three bottles!

The second bag is a black Fisher Price bag.  It’s a little more slim and can fit in the bottom of our stroller much easier than the Kelty.  It also has an insulated pocket but it can only hold one bottle.  It has another pocket that holds easy-to-access wipes.

What will Baby eat?

The only thing I usually have to prepare before I can head out the door is what Gemma’s going to eat.  When she was taking breastmilk I would just grab a bottle or two along with an ice pack and put them in the insulated pockets.

Now that she’s on formula it’s a little more complicated.  For a completely ready to go back you can keep the sterilized bottles/nipples in the pocket along with an unopened water bottle and these Enfamil travel packs.  However, I usually grab the bottles right before we leave.  I’ll go ahead and fill them up with water and then section out the formula using one of these.  It only takes me a few minutes to prepare but I’m thinking about investing in another box of the travel packets.

I use the 5oz Medela bottles and that’s all we have ever used with her so I really have nothing to compare them to.  I have a handful of bottles from different brands but I haven’t had a reason to test them out yet.  Make sure you also have a burp cloth (or two).  I prefer the cloth diaper burp rags over any other kind so far.

What will Baby wear?

You always want an extra set of clothes.  I usually keep 2 onesies and a complete outfit in Gem’s bag.  I like to use the gallon sized ziplock bags to hold an entire outfit (accessories and all).   You also need to remember diapers.  My philosophy is to always have more diapers than you think you’ll need.  I keep about six in the bag at all times.  If I’m going to be out most of the day, I’ll add a few more.  We have SO many diapers that have been gifted to us that I just can’t even fathom having to buy some just because I didn’t put enough in the diaper bag.   (speaking of diapers, Amazon Subscription is GREAT for diapers.  We get a giant box every month!)  I also keep a big thing of wipes in the bag as well.

What will Baby do?

Nothing else in the bag is crucial.  It’s more for convenience.  I keep a blanket in case it’s cold (muslin swaddle blankets are the bomb!) or if I want to lay her down on the floor.  I keep a few toys in case I need to try and keep her occupied.  Even though she doesn’t usually use a pacifier I like to keep this one in the bag as well.

If you have a ready and waiting diaper bag then it will make it a lot easier to get out the door.  Now, don’t be fooled.  It still takes a little while for me to get ready.  I have to get myself ready and I have to get Gemma ready and that alone is quite the feat.  But I can’t tell you how much faster I’m on the go if I don’t have to worry about the diaper bag!

What are some of your diaper bag essentials?  How do you make it easier on yourself to get out of the house with a baby?  Leave all your wisdom in the comments!!

-Brittany Smith-


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