Working from Home with a Baby

When I found out I was pregnant I couldn’t wait to stay at home with my baby.  However, because of financial reasons I had to be making some kind of income.  In what felt like a stroke of luck, I was offered an accounting position that allowed me to do all my work from the comfort of my home.  I quickly realized that working from home was not an easy task!  Was it even possible to take care of my baby, myself, the home AND a job?

I am still learning to find balance in my hectic life but I have decided to take what I’ve learned these past two months and share them with you!

baby fisher price activity mat working from home

Take Advantage of Family and Friends

I am extremely blessed to live one city over from my mom, mother-in-law and grandmother-in-law.  After a week or two of trying to juggle everything myself I called up all three women and now I have a “babysitter” for three days out of the week.  It’s been such a game changer!  I can use that time to work, run errands or even clean the house.  Plus, my daughter gets precious time with her grandmothers.

Now, I understand that not everyone lives so close to family.  However, if you have willing family OR friends.  Then set up a time that you can drop off the baby and get some time to yourself.  Even if you don’t work during that time I promise in the long run you will be more productive.  If you’re one of those moms who is not comfortable leaving your little one then have someone come over and watch the baby OR go and work at their house.  It leaves you in close proximity but still able to work, knowing someone else is helping you meet your baby’s needs.

piano baby toes fisher price activity mat

Get A Comfortable Baby Carrier

I use the Boba Wrap and the Infantino 4-1.  I love both of them.  Having a good carrier helps those little ones who need to feel close to you.  You can keep Baby close and still have the use of your arms.  If my Little Miss is fussy I can strap her close to me and walk/bounce/rock all while making phone calls and creating spreadsheets.

This is only just now becoming an issue with Gemma.  Some days she is just not willing to play by herself.  Instead she would rather sit in my lap as I type.  No joke.  She just watches me plug in numbers in excel.  Every now and then drooling on my track pad or whining because I stopped bouncing her.

For good days or babies who are content entertaining themselves I bring you to my next point.

baby smiles fisher price activity mat

Invest In A Good Activity Mat

When working from home you absolutely have to have some way to keep your Littles entertained.  We use two great Fisher Price items.  The first is our Piano Gym (seen in the pictures).  We also received this Sit-Me-Up Seat.  It’s amazing how just sitting her up can stop fussiness.  Gemma gets bored so easily I have to be constantly changing her position so she can see new things.  Heaven forbid I leave her in one spot longer than ten minutes.

living room macbook yellow sofa fisher price activity mat

Set Up A Work Space in Multiple Rooms

Again, because I can’t let Gem stay in the same place for very long we usually move room to room throughout the day.  This will most likely change as she becomes mobile.  Ha!  For now, since she can’t move herself I let her play on the bed in my room as I sit at my desk (right next to the bed).  She will stare at the ceiling fan in amazement as I work.

Then, when the ceiling fan gets boring we will move into the living room.  That’s the set-up you see in our photoshoot.  I prop myself up on the sofa with her activity mat right next me.  That way I can shoot her little glances and play with her as needed.

I also have the table in the kitchen, along with her Fisher Price chair.  We also have the rocker in her nursery that I’ve used my phone from while rocking her to sleep.  Working from home means constant movement… at least for me!

Get Up and Get Dressed

This goes for work-from-home and stay-at-home mamas.  It’s the best advice I’ve heard.  Girl, get up and get ready for the day.  Don’t stay in sweat pants all day.  Now, I’m not talking about spending an hour making yourself pretty.  All I’m saying is brush your teeth, put on some jeans or fancy leggings, and brush out your hair.  Maybe add a bit of make-up if it’s your thing.  It makes a world of difference in your productivity when you are dressed and ready to tackle the day.

If you get dressed AND have a good time of prayer, spend some time reading and then organize your day.  I promise you will have a day of checking off your to-do lists.

baby macbook yellow sofa fisher price activity mat


So what are your essentials for being productive with a newborn?  Let’s help out all the working from home AND stay at home moms out there.  Is there anything I missed?  Let me know in the comments! And don’t forget to join my newsletter for some awesome free printables.


Brittany Smith



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