Celebrating the Fourth of July Simply and Frugally

I hope everyone has a great Fourth of July tomorrow!

Now that I am married with a baby I’m looking forward to family time during the holidays.  I can’t wait to try out and establish some fun traditions for each holiday and time of the year.  It would be so fun to have decorations for each season along with some family activities and cute outfits and of course FOOD that pertains to each special occasion.

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Independence Day is just the epitome of summer time!  Grilling, Swimming, Fireworks.  I love it.  So I was excited to go ALL OUT with Gemma’s first Fourth of July.

But time is moving faster than I can keep up (anyone else?)  So I realized… uhm, it’s already July!  I had no time to go and get a ton of stuff set up for the 4th.  I also had no money. (A post about that will be coming soon)

So I hit up my trusty pal Pinterest.  Praise the Lord I live in the time of Pinterst.  I don’t know how you did it without.  After browsing for a bit… You can check out my Fourth of July Board (TONS of Ideas)… I made a quick trip to Target for the absolute essentials.

$3 Banner | Cute Outfit for G | Strawberries, Blueberries and White Chocolate covered pretzels (I plan on making this American Flag Food Tray)

We are also are going to a local parade in the morning, then spending time with family.  Holidays don’t have to be jam-packed with events.  They don’t need desserts that take 2 hours to make.  You also don’t need to spend a ton of money to make them memorable and fun!  Just stick to one or two things and be flexible with everything else.  Focus on being present and making memories with your loved ones.  Also mamas, remember to try and get in front of the camera for a picture or two!

I have also made three simple printables for you to enjoy as well.  Feel free to print them out for the food table or hang them around the house to keep to the Fourth of July theme!

I’d love to hear what free or frugal things you are planning this Fourth of July!  Leave a comment below!

-Brittany Smith-

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