A Prayer for my Daughter [at 3 months old]

prayer daughter baby girl pray


Thank you for giving me the gift of motherhood, of blessing me with a daughter to raise.  Even now, as she sleeps in her crib, begin to stir her heart toward you.  May she not only continue to grow healthy and strong but in wisdom and kindness.

baby girl bed black bow

I pray, Father, that she would grow to know you.  That she would trust in you and find peace and grace at the feet of Jesus.  Help me raise her in a way that always points her back to you.
Fill her heart with compassion and kindness for others.  Help her to see your design inside every person and living thing that she meets.  May she love others deeply.

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baby girl bed clothing

Father, bless her adventurous spirit.  Let her curiosity continue to grow as she learns and explores the world around her.  Strengthen her mind and fill her with wisdom so she can make wise choices and learn from her mistakes.  May she always continue learning and stay humble in her pursuit of knowledge.baby girl bed rolling over

I pray for her health and growth.  Lord bless her little body and help it to continue growing strong.  Thank you for her good health so far and if any sickness or disability enters her life I pray she has the strength to persevere in faith knowing you are sovereign.

baby girl tummy time black bow

Father, I am grateful for every second I’ve been given with my baby girl.  I pray there will be millions more.  Fill her with the shining light of your joy and grace.  I pray that she sees your beauty everywhere she looks and that she lives each day to the fullest!

Thank you.
In Jesus’ name.

-Brittany Smith-

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