Goal Setting as a Family & the Books to Help

It all started when my husband got a full time job in sales and I wanted to make an income from writing.  We knew that to succeed, we needed to work hard and be more productive. We both wanted to excel in our new careers.  So, my husband started goal setting.

He read a book called Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy (I’m currently reading it as well).  He took pages of notes and we decided to implement a lot of the strategies into our work life.  We came up with our big goal.  For Tale of Two Smiths it is to use words to encourage and inspire women in their journey through marriage and motherhood.  That’s the big WHY.  It’s my reason for this blog, this writing space.  Once we established our big goals we established our tasks to get there.  Then focus on the top three.

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I’m really not doing the book any justice.  If you want to be more productive and effeciant, especially in your work life then I suggest you going and buying it.  You can click the link below and order it from Amazon.


Anyway, it was helping so much in our work lives that we decided to try it out in other areas of our life as well.  We decided to set some goals for our family life.  We spent an entire evening brainstorming what we wanted to exude as a family.  What was our WHY?  Then we narrowed down to three big goals to focus our time and energy into.

I won’t lie… I had a blast.  The organized Type A personality inside of my was going crazy!  So crazy, in fact, that I decided to push myself even further and make categories for my health and our home as well.  I was a goal setting fiend for a almost two days.

The truth is that we can never do it all.  We just need to do the things that we can, the things that have the biggest impact on our lives, and not stress about the rest.  It’s not that we weren’t doing these things before or that we were lazy.  Dallas and I are almost always moving, always doing something.  It’s just not always organized chaos.  We needed to be more productive and more efficient in the business of our lives.

Here are the two other books we are reading right now to help with our family goal setting.

First is Parenting by Paul David Tripp.  It’s been a wonderful book to read with Dallas as we journey to parent Gemma as best we can.


Second is Financial Peace by Dave Ramsey.  I know this book is definitely known by most people but I’m actually reading it and I really haven’t been able to put it down!  It’s inspiring and eye-opening and I highly recommend it.



What are some other great books to help with goal setting as a family?  Leave your suggestions in the comments!

-Brittany Smith

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