Organize and Simplify the Home: Desk Space & Files

Welcome to the first blog post in a new series!  It’s called How to Organize and Simplify… and then we get to finish the rest of the title.  That’s right my friends.  You get to follow along in my journey to minimize and arrange the Smith Home.  Hopefully you’ll walk away encouraged because if I can organize and simplify then you can too!  For this post I’m organizing and simplifying my desk space and filing cabinet.

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Clean up the Space.

I always need to give myself something to work for.  So I started off this project by taking everything off my desk and putting in on the floor and bed.  I know it sounds crazy but in doing that I can get a visual of what the finished project will look like.  It helps motivate me to finish the project because I have that visual of a clean desk fresh in my mind.


Decide What Files You Need.

I sat and looked through my entire filing cabinet.  We use a 2 drawer filing cabinet and all important papers are in the bottom drawer.  It works well because we try to go paperless when possible!  So if you have a ton of papers from a ton of bills then I would first try and find which ones you can request to go paperless.

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Toss the Old and Unimportant.

Next I went through every single file.  Anything outdated or unimportant I threw away.  I was surprised with how much we had accumulated in just the short year and a half we’ve been married.


It’s time consuming and this is when I really need to visualize my clean and organized desk space.  However, I had to go through a million little items.  I put everything that I moved to the floor and bed back on my desk.  Then I looked at each thing and decided what to do with it.  The key is to stay detached and only keep what is absolutely needed.  Find new places for things that don’t go and toss the rest.

Organize the Needed Supplies.

Obviously I kept all desk-related items at the desk.  My computer, printer and most office supplies.  Since I used to be a teacher I have a handy “teacher-toolbox” that doesn’t take up too much space and can hold a plethora of little items like markers, erasers, paper clips, etc.

Add the Finishing Touches.

Don’t forget to add a little beauty… Like these dollar tree flowers left over from this project.  I also put out a cute mug to hold some pens and this crystal cross that we got as a wedding gift (I believe).  Follow your own style.  I wanted my desk space to be bright and simplistic.  Noting too cluttered.

Push Through to Completion.

It’s where we always go wrong… You just have to buckle down and work at it until it’s completed!  Then once you’ve got your organized files and clean desk you can step back, admire your handy work, then go watch a new episode of your choice on Netflix.

-Brittany Smith-

Items Shown:

Similar Grey Desk | Brother Printer | Grey Toolbox | Similar Filing Cabinet


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