Breaking Free from Materialism and Finding Contentment Where You Are At

I’ve always considered myself a pretty content person.  I am not much for materialism and enjoy the casual, minimal and simple things in life.  So I thought going on a strict budget (read my tips here) would be a piece of cake!  However, I quickly realized how easy it is to feel like you NEED this or that.

Since Dallas and I set our budget we only have a few dollars to spend on things that aren’t needed.  Food is needed, Toiletries are needed… Home decor and even clothes (since we have some already) are not.

The minute that restrictions and boundaries were set I started seeing everything I didn’t have.  I was tired of wearing the same old shoes… surely a new pair of sneakers were needed.  My little girl is bald so surely a collection of brightly colored bows were needed.  We are wanting to open our home up to neighbors and friends so surely some simple decorations were needed.

All the sudden my current clothes weren’t enough.  My daughter’s full dresser drawers weren’t enough.  My gifted decor and collected dollar tree items were not enough.

The truth is we are all seeking fulfillment in a variety of things… Even if we don’t realize it.  Dallas and I don’t spend a lot of money compared to most so I didn’t realize I could just as easily fall into materialism until I put a magnifying glass over my heart.  Then the true emotions flowed out.

The truth is we can always want MORE than what we have. I have little but want a little more, I have a lot but want a lot more.  I didn’t feel satisfied with what we had and Dallas felt like he couldn’t provide for us.

Even though that’s crazy thinking!!  We have been blessed beyond measure with other’s generosity.  We have been given so much and we can afford the  things we truly need, like food and shelter and health.  In my moments of quiet before the Lord he whispers to me that He is ENOUGH.  He has provided for us again and again.  When the numbers didn’t seem to work out on paper, we made it through with more.  Fishes and Loaves.

So dear friends, if you find yourself constantly longing for what you don’t have, let me suggest you take a step back.  I feel it safe to say that whatever you are longing for won’t give you complete satisfaction.  It won’t fill you.  It won’t provide true joy.  Maybe it will make you happy for a little while, but then time will keep going and before long it’ll be something else you are wanting.  It’s a crazy little cycle that needs to be broken.

When you find yourself wanting MORE, make sure to take a look at all you HAVE.  Find joy and blessing in everything around you.  Remind yourself to be grateful and then maybe get resourceful if you really want to change things up!

Can any of you relate to being materialistic or even being surprised at materialism sneaking up on you when you least expected it?  How do you remind yourself to be content?  Leave stories and tips in the comments!

-Brittany Smith-





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