How I treat Gemma’s Dry & Sensitive Skin

I have always had extremely dry skin. I have to put moisturizer on my face, hands, legs and feet, every day. Sometimes it’s still not enough to prevent dry and cracked skin.

All that to say Gemma was only a few weeks old when I noticed she had dry patches of skin on her little legs. You couldn’t visibly see the dry skin and she didn’t seem bothered by it. But legs would feel rough and almost scaly.

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So we started on a round of hopeful remedies.  I first tried Johnson & Johnson lotion.  While it smelled wonderful, it did not seem to help.  Then I switched from using baby detergent to fragrence free All detergent.  Again, no difference seemed to be made.

I tried Aveeno baby moisturizer and then Aquafor for babies.  Nothing seemed to work.  Her little legs were always dry.  I would put lotion on every day, multiple times a day.  Finally at her 3 month appointment I asked the pediatrician.

She didn’t seem concerned, said it was probably a small form of eczema.  She asked if anyone in our family had eczema… they did.  So, she assured me it was fine and recommended using Vaseline instead of lotion or cream.  The Vaseline probably helped more than anything I had tried so far.  However I was applying it morning, noon and night, only to see a very small difference.

Then I heard about TruKid.  They had a line of eczema lotion and body wash.  I thought, why not give them a try?

My first impression was that visually, the packaging wasn’t appealing.  My second thought was that it had absolutely no smell, which is disappointing for a body wash, but understandable.

Then I actually put the cream on Gemma’s legs.  By that afternoon I could barely tell they’d ever been so dry and scaly!  After a few days of applying their eczema cream I only needed to use it every other day, or right after bath time.  I was completely shocked with how well it worked for us!

Now, Gemma’s legs are so smooth and soft.  Just like baby legs should be!!

And not going to lie, I’ve been using a little bit on my own feet as well.  Do you or your loved ones have dry skin??  If so, what are your ways to control and/or treat it??  Let me know in the comments.


-Brittany Smith-

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