Organize and Simplify the Home: The Nursery

WELCOME to the the second blog post in my series titled: How to Organize and Simplify the Home.  Today I’m going to give you a little sneak peek into Gemma’s nursery!!

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I am not going to lie, I have extreme nursery envy.  On my Pinterest account I’ve pinned tons of adorable nursery ideas!  I would love to spruce up her little space, however, this works for now. It’s simple and organized which is what I care about.

First we have the changing table.  I would love to get a beautiful dresser instead of a changing table, but for now, this one works well.

Find a Clothing System that Works.

I decided to use cloth bins under the changing table to keep things organized and easy to pick up.  The tan bins I’ve had for awhile so I don’t remember where they are from.  The pink bins were from Dollar Tree and the skinny grey bins were from Target.

I keep all of Gemma’s current fitting clothes in these bins so I don’t need to use the closet.  I have a bin for onesies or bodysuits.  Another bin is for cute dresses and rompers.  Then a third bin is for specialty items like pajamas, swimsuits, sweaters or bloomers.

I don’t worry too much about keeping things folded.  Just as long as some cute clothes are within easy reach then I consider these bins a success!

Keep Diapers and Toiletries Close By.

I don’t like to have Gemma’s things spread all over the house.  So in her changing table I have a small grey bin for all her toiletries.  That includes lotion, diaper cream, hair brush, nail file and more.  The only thing I keep in the bathroom is her soap and shampoo.  Everything else stays in her bedroom.  I also keep a large bin of diapers right on her changing table.  The excess boxes of diapers are stored in the corner.

Keep Those Girly Accessories Together.

I’ve found that having one small basket for all of Gemma’s bows/hats works best for us.  I’m constantly leaving bows around the house but having one space to just throw bows into is a life savor.  I looked into a lot of different ways to display her bows but honestly a little basket seemed like the easiest solution!

Minimize Blankets and Cloths

I know it’s hard but you’ve got to go through the one million blankets you have to keep your nursery organized and simple.  I keep “specialty” blankets in the hallway linen closet and our favorite blankets in a woven basket by her crib.  She won’t get much use out of blankets until she’s older anyway.  Now that she’s no longer swaddled and won’t sleep with anything in her crib until a year old, we’ll keep the blankets on display only.  Like the one on our grey glider.

I feel like I go through a million burp cloths every day.  However, I realized that I truly didn’t need one million.  I found my favorite type of burp cloth which is the plain white cloth diaper and stocked up.  Most everything else was donated.

Keep Artwork To A Minimum.

As much as I love a good wall collage, I decided to keep Gemma’s walls mainly bare.  I wanted a simple nursery and I felt like too much wall decor made the small room seem so cluttered.  Also, since she has dark furniture I wanted to keep the walls as bright as possible!

We have two key pieces of artwork and a simple row of pictures above the sewing machine.


Go Through Things Monthly.

I am learning that babies grow so fast.  Gemma is constantly changing every month!  So that means every six weeks or so, I go through her clothes and toys.  When she outgrows something I either give it away, or I pack it up for future Smith babies.

The closets currently serve as our storage.  I will hopefully get the chance to go through the closets in the next month and really organize those as well.  (Yes, she has two closets in her room).

Also, I feel like I should note that her two big toys (the exersaucer and activity mat) stay in the living room.  That’s where she normally plays.


I would love to hear about your nursery organization tips and tricks.  Leave a comment below!

-Brittany Smith-



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