Gemma Raine: 5 Months Old Update

I truly can not believe that this little But is already five months old! She is really so much fun right now. Even though she’s been in some pain because of a diaper rash and teething, her little personality is starting to shine.

Gemma Raine is growing, growing, growing.  She is nearing 15 pounds and has officially moved into 3-6 month clothes.  We are putting her in size two diapers and recently conquered her first diaper rash.  It took using a hair dryer on her little bottom every time we changed her at home to help dry it out and relieve her.

Sweet Baby Girl now sleeps (mostly) through the night.  She will wake up around midnight and cry for a little bit but doesn’t want to eat.  She just wants to be snuggled and given her pacifier.  Then she usually goes right back to sleep.  She prefers to be curled up on her stomach and pressed against he bars of her crib.

I have a feeling this next month and a half will be filled with new milestones for our adventurous Gem.  She is so close to crawling.  Already, she is rolling both ways and can turn herself in a circle.

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She has four little teeth right below the gums but they have yet to start breaking through.  She can also sit unassisted for 1.5 seconds but is getting better everyday!

Gemma loves to be held by her Mama and entertained by her Dada.  She cries out mama when she’s upset but we are unsure if she actually connects the meaning.  Whenever we try to get her to say Dada she stares intently almost as if she wants to but usually stays silent.

I am so excited to start feeding her solids but since we are going to try baby-led weaning we are waiting until at least 6 months old and for when she can sit up unassisted.  However, we will be making a trip out to Ikea in a week or two to pick up her highchair!

Five months old is such a fun age and we are soaking in every minute of our constantly growing and changing Baby Girl.

-Brittany Smith-

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