How We Are Coping With Teething

You guys, teething is THE WORST.

I had planned on starting this post by saying I could see the little pearly whites peaking through my daughter’s gums…  I even postponed the post to try and get a picture of those little white teeth… but guess what?  After WEEKS of teething, andour little Bug has NOTHING to show for it.

It is so sad.  The other night Gemma was up for hours just crying out in pain.  Dallas and I had to take turns holding her because having an inconsolable daughter screaming as you try to comfort her is the hardest thing.  We would surrender and pass her back and forth when we just needed a break.  Finally, we got her to fall asleep and besides one or two times of waking up, she did get a few hours of sleep.

I by no means have all this wisdom about how to comfort teething babies.  I am just learning as I am going here.  This is some of the things we’ve tried so far.

1. Baby Tylenol.

It did NOT work for us.  Gemma can not stand Tylenol.  We’ve tried it two different times.  Both times we ended up with a screaming, gagging baby who then makes herself throw up everywhere.  I mean… seriously.  NEVER AGAIN.

amber teething necklace

2. Amber Necklace.

I am not going to lie… I can not tell if this actually works or not.  Granted, we have only used it a few times but I could never see any kind of change.  At least none that I could solely contribute to the necklace.  Here are some different types of amber beads I’ve found:



baby banana tooth brush3. Banana Toothbrush.

Seriously, our girl loves this thing.  She enjoys chewing on it herself but REALLY loves when Dallas and I brush her gums for her.  I would think if they were really hurting she might not like it so much but it has helped calm her down ALMOST every time.



wooden teething ring4. Wooden Teething Rings.

As adorable as they are, Gemma treats these as any other toy.  I still love them and offer them to her often but she’s not super attached and will only play with them for a few minutes at a time.  Here some other wooden teethers I’ve found:


bandana baby bib with teething toy attached5. Bandana Bib Teethers.

I personally LOVE these.  They are sooo cute and the bandana helps catch her drool.  They are great when we are out and about because she can’t drop or loose the teething toy.  These are the ones we have and I love them… they are all so cute:



green refrigerated foot teething toy6. Refrigerated Teethers

Last but not least is really any type of teething toy that sits in the refrigerator first.  We both really like them but, like the wooden teething toys, she is only interested in them for a few minutes.  Here are some great ones:




Ultimately, Dallas and I just have to keep in mind that Gemma is going through a tough time and that she’s probably uncomfortable, if not in actual pain.  We let her cry, try not to get frustrated, and take turns trying to soothe her.  Hopefully we will see some teeth soon, and she will have something to show for all the pain!

Let me know of your own teething tips and tricks in the comments!!

-Brittany Smith-