Embracing 2018 and Setting Down my Phone

Happy 2018!  Yes, I know we’re already mostly done with the month of January but I thought I’d post this blog a little bit later to give myself time to really settle in to the new year.  But now I am ready to start embracing 2018!

I love this time of year when I can reminisce about the year before and look ahead to the coming adventures.  As for new years resolutions I try not to set really difficult goals or resolutions.  Instead, I think about things I would like to change or get better at.

Some of the goals or aspirations I have for 2018 are to:  mature spiritually by focusing on prayer and Scripture, practice and respect the Sabbath (to truly rest and relax and be with family and friends on Sundays), make time to invest in people and build relationships, drink more water and be more intentional about my (and my family’s) overall health and wellness, and to live simply and minimally below our means to help pay off our debt!  I will be writing at some point over some or all of these things through out the year.

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All about the Pregnancy: Must Haves, Wishlist and First Trimester Update

By now most have probably seen the news that Dallas and I are expecting Baby Number Two!  I am currently nineteen weeks along and well into the second trimester.  However I wanted to take a minute and recap somethings up until this point.  Mainly:  Questions about this pregnancy.  A first trimester update.  And, some items I can’t live without along with the only item my wishlist for the remainder of this pregnancy.

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