All about the Pregnancy: Must Haves, Wishlist and First Trimester Update

By now most have probably seen the news that Dallas and I are expecting Baby Number Two!  I am currently nineteen weeks along and well into the second trimester.  However I wanted to take a minute and recap somethings up until this point.  Mainly:  Questions about this pregnancy.  A first trimester update.  And, some items I can’t live without along with the only item my wishlist for the remainder of this pregnancy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We announced our second pregnancy when Gemma was a whopping 7 months old.  Since the announcement we’ve received a lot of questions and comments.  I thought I would address some of them right here:

  1. How far apart will your kids be?  If this little Love is born at full term (38-41 weeks) our two kiddos will have a fourteen month age gap.
  2. Was the pregnancy on purpose/Were you trying?  Yes… and No.  Dallas and I were convicted early on in our marriage about control and faith.  Through a LOT of prayer we decided that for us and our marriage and family that we were not going to try and “control” fertility and pregnancy (at least in the present moment).  This is the decision that we did not make lightly.  We obviously do not judge anyone who uses forms of contraception or who try and plan out their kiddos down to the month… but that is not the road we have taken.  It currently is a path without a set “end”.  Maybe once we reach a certain age, or a certain number of children, or a certain life stage or medical diagnosis.  However when and if we decide to prevent pregnancy it will again be met with a lot of prayer and wise counsel.  All that leads to question 3.
  3. You do know what causes that, right? Uhm, of course.  We’re very good at it!
  4. Are you excited/scared/nervous/ready? Yes, Yes, Yes, and No.  The truth is we are beyond excited for Baby Number 2.  I can not wait to know this Little by name (just eleven more days!) and to see the relationship between this baby and Gemma!  We are STOKED.  But of course, we are nervous and scared and have moments when we wonder if we can do it, or what we were thinking, or how it will all play out.  But that’s where faith comes in.  Our road will not be easy, but whose road is?

First Trimester Update

I will never stay ontop of a weekly or even monthly update, so I am going to shoot for trimesters!  My first trimester (and most of the second) with Gemma was pretty miserable.  I had horrible morning sickness.  Even with prescribed medication I threw up on a daily basis (you can read some of that story here).  I struggled with guilt and insecurity that I wasn’t strong enough or grateful enough because of how sick I was and how miserable I was.

This time around was a completely different story!!  I didn’t require a daily preventative medication (All the praise hands!) for nausea.  Instead, I had two severe chain reactions.  I’d get some kind of bug and throw up all my food only to continue visiting the toilet every 30 minutes or so.  The first episode resulted in a trip to the ER for fluids and a strong anti-nausea suppository that KNOCKS YOU OUT.  The second time around I knew what was happening, took the left over suppository and slept it off (Thank goodness for grandmas to watch Gemma for me).

That along with an extremely strong gag reflux were my only true foes of the first trimester… which beats daily throwing up hands down!!  All my current symptoms and aches and pains I’ll talk about in the second trimester update!

Items I can’t live without and my Wishlist:
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  1. A Yeti:

Drink ALL the WATER!  I am wanting to get a lid with a straw for my Yeti, but store bought straws work well for me now.  For some reason, I drink more water with a straw than without.

2. Sea Bands:

Do these actually work?  Yes and No.  With my first pregnancy it was a solid NO.  For this second pregnancy I did feel like they slightly curbed the nausea, so I wore them a lot more.

3. Prenatals:

You will of course need a prenatal.  I went with gummy prenatal because I had such a hard time taking them with my first pregnancy.  However, you have to take 6 to reach the recommended dosage so I’m switching once my current bottle runs out!

4. Yoga Mat:

I know it’s weird but believe me, exercising WILL make you feel better!  My midwife told me to do a moderate exercise for thirty minutes at LEAST three times a week.  Does it always happen? NO.  But I try to make sure I stretch or go on a walk every other day or so.

And my main wish list item is:

5. An exercise (birthing) ball:

This gorgeous exercise ball is my absolute dream right now!  There is no way I can afford or make room for one but seriously, I’m in love.  I mean have you ever seen a birthing ball this beautiful??

Leave me questions, comments and stories in the comment section.

-Brittany Smith-

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