Embracing 2018 and Setting Down my Phone

Happy 2018!  Yes, I know we’re already mostly done with the month of January but I thought I’d post this blog a little bit later to give myself time to really settle in to the new year.  But now I am ready to start embracing 2018!

I love this time of year when I can reminisce about the year before and look ahead to the coming adventures.  As for new years resolutions I try not to set really difficult goals or resolutions.  Instead, I think about things I would like to change or get better at.

Some of the goals or aspirations I have for 2018 are to:  mature spiritually by focusing on prayer and Scripture, practice and respect the Sabbath (to truly rest and relax and be with family and friends on Sundays), make time to invest in people and build relationships, drink more water and be more intentional about my (and my family’s) overall health and wellness, and to live simply and minimally below our means to help pay off our debt!  I will be writing at some point over some or all of these things through out the year.

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However I wanted to start with one of the biggest things I want to do this new year; putting down my phone and enjoying technology-free time.  Ya’ll.  It is so hard!  I am constantly aware of where my phone is and I open it multiple times a day.  When I’m spending quality time with someone (like eating or grabbing a coffee) I am pretty good about keeping the phone away.  So I decided that what I really needed to work on were my mornings and evenings.

I am slow to fall asleep and I am slow to get up in the morning, and I think my phone has a lot to do with that.  It can usually be the last thing I see before I go to sleep and it’s usually the first thing I grab when I wake up in the morning.  This year I want to spend at LEAST thirty minutes (trying to make it closer to an hour) before going to bed without my phone.  The same goes for waking up in the morning.  What I am doing to help me reach this new routine is reading and journaling.

Every morning I read the bible, pray and journal.  I am following the Discipleship Journal Plan that I have really enjoyed so far.  I try to do this before checking emails, texts, social media, news etc.  Every night I am setting aside time to tidy up the house, wind down with lotion or a bath, and then spend some time reading.  I am a part of an accountability group that requires some reading.  So along with those books I am reading winners and nominees of the GoodReads Choice Awards for 2017.  (If you are NOT on goodreads and are either a bookworm, or are wanting to read more, then go NOW!!  I love Goodreads and you can find my profile HERE).

My goal is to read (from start to finish) 36 books in 2018.  I know, it is a lofty goal.  However, I really wanted to push myself.  And if I continue to read a little bit every night it shouldn’t be a difficult goal to not only reach but easily surpass.  Three books every month.  Simple enough right?

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To keep track of my journey of reading I am documenting each book I read on GoodReads and Instagram.  However, I also wanted to keep a running log here, on this blog post.  So below you will see a few of my goal books for 2018 and I will update as I complete them and move on to February.

(Click the links to read more about the books on Amazon!)


  1. The Bible – I know, I know.  However, if I keep up with my morning reading of Scripture I will completely read the entire bible from cover to cover this year.  So that is why it is book number one!
  2. The Sword of Summer (Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard) by Rick Roirdan – Fun middle grade fiction novel by very famous author of Percy Jackson and the Olympians
  3. Multiply by Francis Chan – Great book that I am reading for my accountability group!  It has so many other resources that go along with it.
  4. The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden – this is next on my list when I finish Sword of Summer.  It is a debut fantasy novel and a nominee in the Choice Awards!


I will continue to post the books I am reading each month here on this blog post!  So come back and check it out later in the year.  What are your goals for 2018 and do any of them involve less technology or more reading? Let me know!

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-Brittany Smith –


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