What we are investing in for Baby #2

The clock feels like it’s ticking faster than normal as we anticipate the arrival of Baby Smith number 2.  Luckily, a good thing about having babies so close together is that we are pretty much set on baby items.  There are only a few things I am looking at investing in for Evander.  Some are on the list because we will have two under two.  Others are on the list because I realized that what we used with Gemma either didn’t work or I didn’t like.

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10 Month Old Schedule :: An Update on Gemma Raine


Gemma is officially ten months old!  Even though our days were some what consistent, I still tended to be extremely flexible with her schedule.  I truly let her dictate everything.  However with Evander’s due date steadily creeping closer I decided to implement a stricter routine and I think everyone is LOVING it!

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