10 Month Old Schedule :: An Update on Gemma Raine


Gemma is officially ten months old!  Even though our days were some what consistent, I still tended to be extremely flexible with her schedule.  I truly let her dictate everything.  However with Evander’s due date steadily creeping closer I decided to implement a stricter routine and I think everyone is LOVING it!

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I’ve always had some what of a rhythm when it came to tackling my days with Gemma.  Wake up Eat, Nap, Eat, Nap, Eat, Bed.  I tried to get her to bed around the same time and I prayed she would sleep past 6 am…  After a spout of fussiness which was most likely caused by teething, and three weeks of waking up at FIVE in the morning, I decided I needed to do something a little differently.  For my own sanity, for Gemma’s well being and to prepare us for our little boy coming in just three and a half months.

So the researching began.  I spent a few days looking at how much sleep and food babies around 10 months old should be getting.  I found my most valuable information HERE and HERE.  Then I took what I learned, and the sample schedule, and changed things ever so slightly to best fit the needs of our family.

Information in a Nutshell

Gemma, being 10 months old, should be sleeping 11-12 hours every night and getting about 2-3 hours of nap time during the day, ideally split into two different naps (morning and afternoon).  She also drinks 24 oz of formula a day, which is the minimum, but works great for us!  I tried giving her more but she doesn’t finish her bottles.  She also eats three meals and two snacks every day!!  So five times a day we stop to let her eat.  That was the biggest change we made and it’s been so wonderful!

The Schedule

Below is the schedule we are using.  Remember, I tweaked this to work best for our family.  Every baby and every family is different.  Find a schedule you like and don’t be afraid to make a few changes.

7:00 am – wake up and morning bottle  (since we’ve been consistent with this schedule, Gemma has slept until at least 6:30 am every morning.  It took a few days to get her there but no more than three)

7:30 am – breakfast (banana, oatmeal, pancakes, yougurt, etc.)

**Then we play and stay active in this big window for activity**

9:30 am – snack (puffs or fruit or a squeeze pouch)

10:00 am – morning nap (after her snack we go into the nursery, start the sound machine, and wind down until around 10… that’s helped her fall asleep quickly and painlessly)

11:30 am – wake up and second bottle (this time fluctuates depending on when she wakes up)

12:30 pm – lunch (vegetables, cheese, possibly meat, and bread or crackers)

**This is my ideal time to run errands or to get out of the house with her.  I just make sure to be back in time to wind down at home for her afternoon nap**

2:30 pm – afternoon nap

3:30 pm – wake up and afternoon bottle

4:30 pm – snack (puffs or a food pouch)

**independent play, or watch a movie, while I clean up and start dinner, or until daddy gets home and can take over**

6:30 pm – dinner (she eats whatever we eat for dinner)

7:00 pm –  start bedtime routine – bath, pajamas, storybook bible

7:30 pm – bedtime, bottle and bed


Items that are Crucial to our Daily Schedule

(Items are linked below)

[1. We use these Medela Bottles, she drinks 6 oz four times daily.  2.Our beloved High Chair is from Ikea.  3.Happy Baby Puffs are great for on the go and snack time.  4. Plum Organic Pouches are a quick go to for snacks and lunch.  5. Our Sound Machine plays a crucial role in wind down and nap/bed time.  6. Gemma absolutely adores her Red Wagon and it’s perfect for getting out energy.  7. We use TruKid soap and lotion for our bath and bedtime routine.  8. The Jesus Storybook Bible is our go-to for bedtime stories.]


Gemma Raine

It’s crazy to me that Gemma is only a few weeks away from turning a year old.  I am actually planning her first birthday party and it’s so much fun and completely heartbreaking all rolled into one.  Gemma is Miss Independent, unless she wants you to hold her, and then will practically trip you by hanging out right under your feet and trying to climb up your leg.

She is going to be walking soon.  She easily pulls up on anything and everything and can stand without any assistance, she is just too nervous to actually take steps on her own.  She’d rather hold onto something and walk OR just get down and crawl.  She loves doing a downward dog yoga pose when she’s on the carpet but will not do it on command.

Gemma loves to eat and especially prefers bananas, green beans, cheese, mexican rice, beans, and any kind of potato.  She knows the signs for “more”, “all done”, “milk” and “water”.  We skipped her 9 month appointment so I’m not sure where she is on the growth charts but she’s always fit her clothes true to size.  We are weeding out larger 6 month clothes and she fits best in 9 and 12 month clothes.

Her favorite thing in the entire world is to sit outside in her red wagon.  We don’t even have to go anywhere.  You can probably tell from my Instagram posts and stories but almost everyday we go out and sit at our back steps and she plays in her wagon.  She cries when it is time to go inside or when we pass the wagon on the way to the car or into the house.  I know she would stay out there forever if I let her.

She truly is a precious gem and I am so blessed to be her mother!

-Brittany Smith-

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