What we are investing in for Baby #2

The clock feels like it’s ticking faster than normal as we anticipate the arrival of Baby Smith number 2.  Luckily, a good thing about having babies so close together is that we are pretty much set on baby items.  There are only a few things I am looking at investing in for Evander.  Some are on the list because we will have two under two.  Others are on the list because I realized that what we used with Gemma either didn’t work or I didn’t like.

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The thing to remember is Dallas and I live in a TINY two bedroom duplex.  We have little to no room so we are forced into, yet also embracing, the minimalist lifestyle (or at least trying to).  So our baby gear has to be really essential for it to make the cut.  Also, we are trying to find the best deals and prices as well.  We can’t drop too much money on something we aren’t sure of, or that we’ll only use for a short time.

So, without further adieu, here is my list for baby number two:

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1. A double stroller.

I did not hold back on this.  It was my number one item and the only one I was prepared to get.  I would have fought Dallas tooth and nail for a good double stroller.  Luckily, he saw my reasoning and gave me the green light to drop a pretty penny on a stroller that we hope will be our one and only “fancy” stroller.  It should last us years and years to come.

I went with the baby jogger city select.  I purchased it as a double stroller and then added the car seat adapter to fit the carseat we already have.  It’s a pretty big stroller, I like to refer to it as our minivan stroller.  However, it seems durable and so far I’ve loved the few times I’ve already used it as a single with Gemma.  The seats can lean all the way back allowing her to take a nap, and she can be turned to face me and Dallas, as well as face outwards towards everyone else.  I’m excited to use this beast on family walks and days out on the town with our two littles.


2. A “sink bath”

or something to help me bathe our little one in the sink.  With Gemma we used a regular old baby bath that we set inside the bathtub.  While I’m sure that works great for many people, it did NOT work for Dallas and I.  Mostly because of how our little bathroom is set up.  Only one person could be down on the floor bathing her, and she didn’t fit snuggly inside the baby bath meaning you had to be holding her inside the little bath tub that was inside our regular bathtub.  Talk about knee and back pain, and no free hands to actually wash her!  It was horrible.  So, I wanted something soft and snug to bathe Evander in the sink until he could sit up on his own and join sister in the big bath!


3. A pack n’ play instead of a bassinet.

This one is specific to the needs of our family.  Dallas and I moved Gemma into her own room at four months when she outgrew her bassinet.  Since we only have a two bedroom home, that means when Van leaves our room he will be sharing with his sister.  I doubt they will be ready to share a room at 18 months and 4 months, so we are planning to keep Evander in our room a LOT longer than we did with Gemma… Maybe when he is 8 months old?  Gemma would be about 22 months.

Since we are unsure of how long we will need to keep Van in our room we needed a bed that could accommodate a growing baby.  So the pack and play it is!  It’s a more long term solution that I am hoping will work well for us.  I was gifted this pack n’ play from a grandma so I am also investing in TWO accessories for it:  A durable changing pad and a diaper organizer to hang off the side.


4. A co-sleeper.

In our case I invested in a snuggle me Organic.  I wish SO much that I had known about this product with Gemma.  I really do think it would have helped so much in those first few weeks.  However I am eager to try it with Evander.  The Snuggle Me is safe for sleep and so light and portable.  I’m planning on using it in Dallas’ and I’s bed for those first few nights with our tiny newborn babe.  Then I will transition it into the pack n’ play.  I’m also planning on using it for naps around the house and when we have to travel!


5. Some Boy Stuff.

Haha!  Because we are having a different gender this time around I wanted to get some boy specific, or more “gender neutral” items.  I purchased a new boppy cover since my original one had a floral design.  I have stocked up on some cute little boy clothes and I am more specifically trying to convince Dallas that we NEED a personalized coming home outfit.


The floral and pink swaddles, muslin blankets and burp cloths are now packed away and I’m looking at purchasing some of the following in the last stages of nesting and preparation:


What were some things you needed for baby #2 that you didn’t have or did not need for your first child?  Leave us some tips in the comments!

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-Brittany Smith-

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