Activities and Easter Baskets for a Baby

Let the Easter preparations begin!  Dallas and I are so excited to begin celebrating Easter with Gemma and (soon) Evander.  We have big plans for the holiday because of how much importance and meaning it holds.  Growing up Dallas and I both superficially celebrated with bunnies, egg hunts, and a church service.  As we started looking into celebrating this holiday with our own children we realized how much deeper the celebration should truly go!

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The Reason.

First I want to start of saying that for Dallas and I, Easter is the celebration of Christ’s death, burial and resurrection.  It’s the pinnacle of our Christian faith, the reason we have Hope and Salvation.  We are sinners destined to live apart from God.  But because of God’s love he sent Christ to live the perfect life we couldn’t, yet die the death we deserved.  Then because of God’s deity and power Christ defeated death, ultimately making a way for us to have salvation.  Talk about hope and something to celebrate!  This is why even though we are not boycotting bunnies and eggs and spring, they are going to take the backseat when it comes to our Smith Family Easter Celebrations.


Christ-Centered Celebrations.

I did not realize how difficult it would be to find Christ-centered traditions and decor to incorporate into our Easter holiday.  I’ve searched Pinterest and asked friends and I only have a small handful.  However, I can not wait to start incorporating these things into our celebrations every year.










  1. Empty Tomb Rolls – Of course I would want to do something involving food.  This is a great representative of the tomb Jesus is placed in after his death on the cross and how three days later he rose again, leaving the tomb empty.
  2. An Easter Garden – I especially love the idea of making a small garden every Easter as well.  It leaves so much room for your own creativity but you can use it as a teaching tool for the Garden of Eden (the first sin) and the Garden of Gethsemane (Jesus about to right that wrong) and then you incorporate the Cross (his crucifixion) and empty tomb (his resurrection).
  3. Resurrection Eggs – These are twelve Easter eggs that hold little figurines inside that tell the full story of Easter.  I’m looking into purchasing these as well to begin possibly next year.

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The Baskets

Now I am certainly not giving up Easter baskets!  We most likely won’t talk about an “Easter Bunny” bringing the baskets but for a huge celebratory holiday, I am definitely going to put together baskets for my kiddos to enjoy.  My plan for the moment is really try to stick to things we would likely want/need to buy anyway in the next few months.  So, stay away from candy and cheap dollar store items and instead go for one or two nicer things that will last and we will get lots of use out of them.  So I’ve done some brainstorming for you and found lots of fun and useful items that you could possibly add into your little one’s Easter Basket: (click on images for the links)

Basket for Baby


Basket for Young Toddler (1-2)


So what are your favorite Easter holiday traditions?  What activities do you do with your kids or are hoping to incorporate?  Leave me all the suggestions in the comments!

Also, if you want my March Prints then click on the link below.

-Brittany Smith-


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