Nesting and Organizing in the Third Trimester



Hello Third Trimester!  The countdown to baby Evander is getting real.  We have exactly 53 days until we hit our “baby window”.  Gemma was born at 39 weeks and 0 days, so I’m predicting Evander’s arrival to fall somewhere in between 38-41 weeks.  I am in full on nesting mode and I wanted to share a little bit about what I am doing this time around to prepare.

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Preparing the Home

I am taking a tw0-fold tactic this time around to preparing our home.  First, I am decluttering and organizing and then I am going to do a good old fashion deep clean.

  • Declutter and Organize – I have gone through every closet, every cabinet, drawer and shelf.  Five car trunks full of things have been donated.  The purpose of doing this is to get our tiny home organized.  I want every single thing we own to have a purpose and a place.  That way I can set a 20 minute timer and actually clean an entire room or maybe more!
  • Deep Clean – this is on my list for those last weeks before baby.  My mom and sister have already gotten the invite to come and help me scrub down every single inch of our house.  Because, who knows the next time that will happen with two babies?  Luckily it’s spring time so I’ve already scoured dozens of free spring cleaning checklists to help make sure nothing is missed.
  • Freezer Meals – this is another one that will happen in the last few weeks.  I’m compiling recipes now that will be easy to prepare in bulk and will take up little room in our freezer.  That way, when Evander gets here, I will have a freezer full of quick meals to throw into the oven or slower cooker.

Preparing for Baby

Now is the time to go through all of Evander’s clothes and baby gear and make sure we have the necessities.

  • Sleeping Quarters – Make sure you know where baby is going to sleep.  Is it close by?  Is there visibility and easy access.  Think about how close diapers, wipes, cloths and extra clothes will be.  Will you have adequate light?  We got a pack n’ play for our bedroom but are also going to try cosleeping with the Snuggle Me Organic.  I bought a lamp that has a knob to adjust brightness.  That way I can see to change Evander’s diaper but don’t have to turn on a bright light to do so.
  • Clothes – wash and organize the clothes.  Make sure you have a wide range of sizes and items.  I have a large supply of newborn and 0-3 month clothes, and then a very small amount of larger sizes.  It will be summer so I am making sure I have plenty of short sleeve onesies and little shorts, as well as thin blankets. (I love muslin blankets!)
  • You can look through all the baby item lists on Pinterst but honestly every baby and mama is different.  If you want to know exactly what baby gear items we invested in this time around I wrote a post about it here.


Preparing for Labor and Delivery

I will have a full blog post up next week detailing out my reasons for choosing a midwife over an OB this pregnancy (and no it’s not because I want to go for an all out “natural” water birth, or anything like that).

  • Dallas and I toured the hospital to get acquainted with how things are run and where we will go when it’s baby time.  The LAST thing I need is for us to get turned around while trying to get to the hospital.  I already get stressed out enough for Dallas and I both.  So I want to make sure we know where EVERYTHING is and EXACTLY where to go.  It also helps with packing your hospital bag and preparing your birth plan if you know beforehand what your hospital does and does not allow when it comes to labor and delivery.  (C-Section rate, walk around, snacks, birthing ball, peanut, breastfeeding consults, etc.)
  • Write a birth plan and create birth plan and affirmations.  Do your research, watch documentaries, read books.


Preparing for Recovery

This is honestly something I didn’t think about with Baby #1.  Or at least not very much.  However, I know that recovering after birth can be difficult.

  • Postpartum Basket – in those last few weeks I will be making a Target run and picking up all the necessities for recovery after a baby.  You can find all sorts of lists on Pinterest about what you might need.  I like to try and keep it simple, but I also want to minimize the amount of those quick store runs in the first week with baby.
  • Postpartum Clothes – I had no idea what my body would look like after giving birth to Gemma.  Or that I would be hurting in so many different places.  With recovering from delivery and struggling to breastfeed I felt like my body was falling apart!  I am NOT by any means a fancy person, or a fashionista.  My closest friends know that I am most comfortable in jeans and a tshirt.  So, this time around I’m making sure I have a nice selection of maternity leggings, nursing (friendly) tanks, robes and kimonos, and soft basic tees.  That way I can feel all around comfortable as I recover and as people come and go to help with the new baby.

Preparing for Breastfeeding

You can read about my failure to breastfeed Gemma here.  So as we expect Evander I am really trying to be better prepared this time around.  Obviously anything can happen, but I want to do my part to be ready.

  • Breast Pump – I have already ordered my breastpump and it will arrive about three weeks before my due date.  I used a great company called Aeroflow Pumps that does all the work for you.  Just provide your insurance details and they will tell you what pumps your insurance covers and which pumps have an upgrade option.
  • Breastfeeding Success – There is no guarantee I will be successful breastfeeding Evander.  However, I am doing my best to prepare.  I learned a lot from my failure to breastfeed Gemma.  This time around I have purchased a few things for pain and soreness in those early weeks.  Along with that I researched the hospital we will be giving birth at and the lactation consultants on staff there.  I also picked out the IBCLCs in the area that I will run to if Van has problems latching like Gemma did, and it doesn’t get corrected in the hospital.

So, how about you?  Any tips for preparation before baby gets here?  Leave stories, tips and questions in the comments.  Also, if you haven’t already, sign up for my monthly newsletter by clicking the image below.  April posters are already created and will be sent out to my email subscribers soon!


 -Brittany Smith-



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