Gemma’s 12 Month Update and Birthday Party Details

I know that I procrastinated on this post.  I just can not believe that our daughter is 12 months old (almost 13 months).  Yet, here we are!  Parents to a one year old with another on the way.  Life is crazy sometimes, right?  I have all the details for you on how Gemma is handling 12 months, how we as parents are handling a 12 month old, and all her first birthday party details.

Gemma as a 12 month old

Sweet bug is growing every single day.  She is 90th percentile for height and 60th percentile for weight.  Long and Lean.  About a week after her first birthday she started walking everywhere.  She is growing more confident every day and crawling less and less.

I feel like we are seeing the beginnings of toddler tantrums already.  Gemma is determined and gets very upset when things do not go her way.  She is quick to cry and throw herself backward in a complete meltdown if told no.  Yet, she also gives more hugs and kisses and cuddles then ever before!

Her vocabulary is still mainly “mama”, “dada”, “hi”, “night-night” and “diaper”.  However, she can understand SO much.  She can follow simple commands like “give that to mommy” or “come here”.  She also knows where to go when we “go outside” or “take a bath” or “go to bed”.  Gemma can point to noses (but not her own), she can find her own ears, belly, head and toes.  It is so fun watching her learn more every day!

Parenting a One Year Old

Having a 12 month old already feels so different than the 10 or even 11 month stage.  It requires so much patience and gentleness.  That does not come naturally so I am definitely learning and being stretched every day as well.

We transitioned Gemma off the bottle a few weeks before her first birthday and then a few days after turning a year old finished up her last box of formula.  She made the switch so easy and is doing great on table food and whole milk.

Dallas and I are trying to be intentional about vocabulary and teaching.  Gemma truly soaks everything in so quickly.  We like to encourage her to follow commands have some independence (like bringing us things and walking to her room for her diaper change instead of picking up and carrying her).

Ultimately we still do not know what we are doing.  Ha!  But it is such a fun adventure learning how to parent Gemma, to teach her and love her.

Party Details

Balloons (pink, white and gold number one) – Party City

Gemma’s Party Hat – found HERE on Amazon

Gemma’s Party Dress – bought at Carter’s

Pictures – printed with ParaboPress (use code: WAURLT for $10 off your first order!)

Cake Stand – found HERE on Amazon

Monthly Picture Banner – found HERE on Amazon


-Brittany Smith-

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