My Mother’s Day Wishlist

Mother’s Day is in just a few days.  I can not believe I am about to celebrate my SECOND Mother’s Day just weeks before welcoming my SECOND child.  Life is crazy and definitely has a way of catching you off guard!  I am a really horrible gift giver so instead of listing out super awesome gift ideas, I am just going to show you my own personal Mother’s Day wish list.   Feel free to take any ideas and run with them for yourself or your own mom.

Feel free to click on the image to shop each item, or follow the links below!

1. A New Diffuser

We currently only have one diffuser that sits in our living room but I am really thinking about purchasing a second one to put in one of our bedrooms.  I really love the Young Living desert diffuser but this is a cheaper option available on Amazon.


2. A Keurig

I know, I know… We are probably the only people around that do not have a keurig.  However my husband LOVES coffee and verges on a coffee snob meaning he only buys whole beans, grinds them himself and makes his coffee with a french press, pour over, or aeropress.  We don’t even have a coffee pot.  So I am adding a keurig to my wish list because I miss coffee, but don’t want to use his fancy stuff that takes way too long in my opinion.


3. A Yeti

My sister got Dallas and I a 20 oz yeti for Christmas and we constantly fight over it.  I am loving this white one and it is one of my favorite items on this list!  I love the magnetic lid and would probably splurge and get a handle and reusable straw for accessories.


4. New Luggage

Dallas and I have used the same carry on suitcases for at least five years (long before we even met).  His is so raggedy that anytime he travels alone he takes mine.  So this gold luggage set has me practically drooling.  We try to take a trip twice a year (summer with the kids and winter as an anniversary) and I know we would get so much use out of these!


5. Gathre Mat

This is seriously the most beautiful leather yoga mat I have ever laid eyes on.  I would honestly take anything from Gathre because the quality of their products seem so top notch.  Specifically though, this yoga mat is just too gorgeous to not be included on my list.


6. Missional Motherhood

A book that I’ve heard some really good things about.  Technically any book that is encouraging and about motherhood would make it on to my wishlist at this point.  It’s not like I technically have time to read, but I still think this would be a great gift!


7. Simplified Planner

These beauties are ALMOST sold out so RUN!!  I have wanted one of these planners for so long… and sadly even though it is on my wish list I will most likely be waiting until September to get the calendar year planner instead of the academic year.  But I’ve heard so many amazing things about this simple and effective planner and lets be honest.  The designs are gorgeous!!


8. Cooking Sheets

Maybe it’s a boring item to have on a Mother’s Day wish list, but the baking sheets I currently have are old and kind of gross.  These beautiful new baking sheets would just make my day!!


9. B Darling Wallpaper

You guys, this company has the most gorgeous wallpaper I have ever seen.  I can not wait to be able to purchase some to decorate my home.  The hard part will be determining which wallpaper and where to put it up.  Use it as backsplash in the kitchen?  A small boring bathroom?  Or Gemma or Evander’s room?  So Many Options.  They are all so beautiful though, I love them.


-Brittany Smith-

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