Hospital Bag and Postpartum Care

Okay you guys it is getting real!  We are officially TWO days away from our “Baby Window” (more on that in a minute) and SIXTEEN days away from our actual due date.  I am beyond ready to finally hold our precious Bubs.  So I have decided to talk about my hospital bag which is now completely packed and ready to go.

Let me preface this by saying while I do try and pack lightly I am NOT a minimalist packer.  Honestly to be a truly minimalist packer for labor and delivery, just bring yourself and an outfit for you and baby to go home in.  Seriously.  That is all you actually need.  I choose to bring more than that, mainly for comfort, as I spend delivery and then 24 hour(ish) recovery in the hospital.

For Mama (minus toiletries)

The majority of things I am bringing to the hospital are for myself.  Believe me, you don’t need a ton of stuff for your baby… Make sure YOU are covered first.  With Gemma I labored in the hospital gown, and spent my recovery time in a hospital gown as well.  Some women hate it, but I did not mind at all.  This time around I plan on laboring in the gown but I am bringing some options for recovery just in case I want something more comfortable afterwards.

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These are *similar* items but not the exact ones I have

1. Comfy Robe – a soft robe is a must for me… I do not like to be exposed and I am more comfortable being covered up.  Yet, with recovery and attempting to breastfeed I need something soft that can keep me covered but with easy access to everything.

2. Kimono same idea as the robe but the kimono is just a lot prettier.  I’m planning on wearing this over a tank top for the ride home from the hospital.

3. Maternity Leggings I love, love, love these black leggings.  They are so comfortable during pregnancy and I plan on wearing them quite awhile after pregnancy as well.

4. Flip Flops mainly for the shower, or if I don’t want to wear socks anymore.

5. Button Up Pajamas I am bringing a very soft pair of pajamas that button up (again for easy nursing access.

6. Nursing Tank Tops  The majority of my tank tops are just nursing friendly (as in easy to pull down) but I did purchase two tank tops that are more supportive for my recovering belly and with a clasp to pull down and nurse.

7. Bra, Underwear & SocksAll the intimates.  Soft sleep bras, large underwear and socks with grips on the bottom! (Don’t want to slip on the hospital floor)

For Baby

From what I learned with my first, the hospital will have everything you need.  Seriously.  You don’t actually need to bring anything for Baby.  However, for Evander I am still bringing a few select items.

To shop click the image OR the description underneath!
These are *similar* items but not the exact ones I have

1. Swaddle BlanketsWith Gemma we only used the hospital blankets.  However I wanted some soft and personal blankets to use with Evander.  We probably won’t put any clothes on him until it’s time to go so blankets are essential!  But again, the hospital will provide some if you don’t bring your own

2. Two Onesies I am bringing two basic onesies (newborn and 0-3 month).  These will mainly be in case Bubba poops or spits up on his going home outfit.  I doubt we will use them but they are so small I decided to throw them in the bag just in case.

3. Pacifier Just like with Gemma we will try not to use a pacifier for the first few weeks.  Instead we will snuggle and breastfeed to help soothe our little guy.  However I am bringing one just in case.

4. SocksFor cold little feet or to use as mittens so he doesn’t scratch his face.

5. Two cute outfits Again I’m bringing two because they are two different sizes.  I doubt the newborn size will be too small for Evander but I’m bringing a 3 month outfit, again, just in case!

6. Burp Cloths You know… for spit up.



For Dada

Sorry, but dad’s obviously don’t need much either.  For Dallas we packed as if we were going to spend 1-2 nights at the hospital.  So basically just a change of clothes, along with his toiletries.  Dallas will also bring his backpack (which he takes everywhere by the way).  It includes his computer, kindle, pens, journal and an assortment of books.  Oh the life of a seminary student!


Mama’s Toiletries

Again, you need to remember that none of these are necessities.  Your hospital will have everything for you (except maybe a toothbrush?)  However, these are the main toiletries and postpartum care items I have decided to pack.

The following are not linked because you most likely already have them or you just pick them up at Walmart or Target!

1. Shampoo, Conditioner & Body Soap – Take the basics for a shower after delivery.  It will help you feel clean and refreshed after one of the hardest moments of your life.

2. Toothbrush and Toothpaste – Make a note to grab these and add them to your bag before leaving.  Luckily I just had a dentist appointment so I actually packed my brand new toothbrush, travel sized toothpaste and a cap into my bag already.

3. Hairbrush, Hair Ties and Dry Shampoo – Back up hair ties are a must.  I do NOT want hair in my face during labor.  My brush and dry shampoo are again, to help me feel cleaner after delivery and before heading home.

4. Glasses, Case & Contacts – If you are visually impaired like myself, make sure you pack your glasses and contacts or make a note by the door so you don’t leave them when it’s time for labor!

5. Chapstick, Lotion & Deodorant – I am one of the women who will always tell you to have chapstick for labor and delivery.  You get parched and your mouth and lips will feel so dry.  Chapstick is a MUST.  Lotion and Deodorant are again for feeling better afterwards.

To shop click the image OR the description underneath!
These are *similar* items but not the exact ones I have

6. Earth Mama Perineal SprayTrust me, you’ll want this.  The hospital gives you a spray to use as well but this doesn’t feel as medicinal… Softer and more holistic in my opinion.

7. Always Incontinence PadsAgain, the hospital will give you giant pads and mesh underwear… However, I have heard that Incontinence Pads (for bladder leaks) and/or depends are way more comfortable.  I didn’t use them with Gemma so I’ll be testing them out!

8. Hemorrhoid Wipes I actually bought a generic brand from Target… Too much info but I get horrible hemorrhoids during pregnancy and delivery so these are a staple item for me!

9. Nipple CreamGemma left me damaged and sore before I even left the hospital… So I’m coming a little more prepared for breastfeeding this time around.

10. Medela Soft Shells Just in case we struggle with latching for breastfeeding I am bringing these shells.  It allows you to wear clothes without your nipples rubbing up against fabric.  Perfect for sore or damaged nipples.

11. SilverettesThese are not pictured in my bag because they technically arrive tomorrow.  However, because of the damage that Gemma caused me from our attempt at breastfeeding I convinced Dallas to let me purchase these!  They are made from silver, which has healing properties and I’ve heard nothing but amazing reviews on how they help heal your nipples if they are damaged or if you thrush or anything like that.  I can not WAIT to give them a try!


The Comfort Bag

We are also bringing a “comfort bag”.  This bag will stay in the car (along with Dallas’ backpack) until AFTER birth.  There is no need to carry a million things up to the hospital room for the birth, especially if they will be moving you to a separate recovery room.  This bag will hold all the extra “comfort items”.  I’m including two pillows (Dallas and I have our own “fancy” pillows that we love), two blankets, my Boppy Pillow for breastfeeding and most likely my little letter board for a hospital picture and announcement.


So there you have it!  Like I said this was not a minimalist’s list.  I would rather be prepared and have a little bit too much than too little.  But I feel good about what we are taking and I don’t feel like it’s too many bags for Dallas to juggle.

What are your hospital must-haves??

-Brittany Smith-



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