How I Take A Monthly Baby Photo Using My iPhone

It’s all the rage to capture a monthly baby photo of your growing baby during the first year of their life. Pinterest is filled with the cutest collages of professional looking photographs. It feels hard to keep up, especially with two under two.

I thought I would show you how I have been taking Evander’s monthly photos. It takes less than 10 minutes and I only use my iPhone. Honestly it’s the only way to get it done.  My house is a mess, Gemma is getting into everything.  But I get those pictures!


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Two Under Two | Postpartum Update | Advice & Essentials

Evander is now three months old which means a few different things.  First, he is no longer a newborn.  Secondly, I have been caring for two babies under two years old for three months now.  That’s a quarter of a year!  This postpartum journey has been a whirlwind.  Seriously I’ve felt it all.  At times it seemed too easy, effortless and joyful.  Other times I have called Dallas at 2 pm begging him to get off on time and take the kids on an adventure because I cannot handle them anymore and just need an hour of silence.  Some days everything is jiving and I’m daydreaming about homeschooling so I can keep my babies home with me forever.  The next day I’m buzzed on coffee and thinking about going back to work so I can get out of the house and interact with adults.

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