How I Take A Monthly Baby Photo Using My iPhone

It’s all the rage to capture a monthly baby photo of your growing baby during the first year of their life. Pinterest is filled with the cutest collages of professional looking photographs. It feels hard to keep up, especially with two under two.

I thought I would show you how I have been taking Evander’s monthly photos. It takes less than 10 minutes and I only use my iPhone. Honestly it’s the only way to get it done.  My house is a mess, Gemma is getting into everything.  But I get those pictures!


If you want to WATCH the photo shoot it’s posted on my Youtube Channel.

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1. Set Up

You don’t actually need a lot of space.  Babies are pretty small, just remember your space needs to be able to accommodate a newborn up to a one year old.  I love the pictures in a chair or crib.  For Evander I decided to use a white blanket.  We would be moving during his first year so I wanted a backdrop that could easily be taken anywhere and still look the same.

2. Objects

I decided to use a felt board for Evander’s monthly photos.  They are so popular right now and I just couldn’t pass it up.  With Gemma I added text directly to her picture.  You will want to have an object that you use in every picture so that you can see how your baby grows each month.  Evander’s common object is the felt board with his age on it.  Gemma had a cute stuffed animal that was in every single picture.

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3. Lighting

You want as much “natural light” as possible.  So try and take your picture in a well lit room of your house.  That will help you get the best picture possible.  It will be easier to edit and you might even like the picture without any editing!  I take my pictures in the living room near a large window.  You can see some sun spots from the blinds but I like the look of it.

4. Editing

I edit using VSCO.  I do not pay for it!  The only thing I did with Evander’s three month picture was increase the exposure, increase the saturation, and lower the warmth.  If you want to add text onto your picture, then my go-to is Word Swag.





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