Baby & Toddler Clothing Storage || Shared Monochrome Nursery

We all know that babies and toddlers go through clothes so fast!  With two under two I felt like I was drowning in clothes.  We had clothes that were too small, all their current clothes, seasonal clothes and a bunch of hand-me-downs. After touching up this system for a few months I finally feel like I have a handle on all their clothes and I can really tell that their closets and drawers feel so much more organized.  I also know where everything should go!  It’s been amazing.  I hope that you can pick up some tips that might work for you.  (If you just want to see the kid’s shared monochrome nursery just keep scrolling!)

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Current clothes need to be efficiently organized and easily accessible.

The main thing I want for the kid’s current clothes is for them to be easy to find and easy to put away.  I do not have any current clothes hanging in the closet.  Everything goes into drawers.  We were blessed with an amazing triple dresser.  Here is a similar yet more modern double dresser on Amazon.  Gemma takes one side and Evander takes the other.  Since ours is a triple dresser, I use the middle drawers for diapers, wipes and other toiletries.

I have decided to categorize my kids clothes into three sections: “nice” outfits, everyday play clothes, and specialty.  Any church outfit like dresses or really cute top and bottom set goes into their nice outfit drawer.  Everyday play clothes are just what it sounds like.  For Gemma that is mix and match leggings and t-shirts.  For Evander that’s onesies and bottoms.  The last drawer is the specialty drawer.  That contains pajamas, swim suits in the summer and outerwear in the fall and winter.


Store what you need for the future and let go of the rest.

I am still trying to get better at this.  We really don’t want to hold on to too much stuff.  Yet, we know that we would love more children in the future.  Hand-me-downs are great at saving money!  They just take up so much space.  When an outfit starts looking too small I toss it into a personalized bin that I keep in their closet.  Here is a similar one on Amazon, I think I got mine from Walmart.  Once those bins fill up I sort through only keeping basics and my absolute favorite outfits.  I try to always get rid of more than I keep.

Clothes I decide to keep get sorted by gender, size and season into large tubs like these.  I have a girl 0-12 month, boy 0-12 month and I need to get a third one to start holding girl 18 month and up.  I keep these clothes up in the top of their closet and only get the tubs down every now and then to add some more clothes.

What I decide to get rid of I always try and sell first, unless it looks too worn down.  I group things up by size and season and sell them for a few dollars online.  I keep them all in small plastic drawers in the kid’s closet as I wait for buyers.  If I can’t sell them after a few weeks then I donate them!  The point is to not try and keep things too long just to make a few bucks.


WATCH: Baby and Toddler Clothing Storage and Organization

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Always sort through and organize hand-me-downs

Do NOT just keep random bags of hand-me-downs!  I’ve completely forgotten about things when I don’t go through and organize them before hand.  I do not always keep every single item given to me.  I always sort through and donate what I don’t want or don’t see me actually putting on the babies.  Then I package up clothes by size, season and gender.  I store them in gallon size ziplock bags.  It makes it easy to see what we have.  Whenever the seasons start to change or the kids start to grow into the next size, I check the zip lock bags and pull out any clothes that we can start using.

It’s a complex system but it’s been working well for us.  I have mainly had to get used to setting aside time to re-organize and re-clean the kid’s closet every other month.  That way it doesn’t get too out of control.

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Shared Monochrome Nursery

I decided to use a monochrome gender-neutral theme for Gemma and Evander’s room.  I am hoping to bring pops of color in things like books and toys but for everything else to be black, white or grey.  I will link a few items that you will see in the pictures below.


Storage and Nursery Items

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-Brittany Smith-

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2 thoughts on “Baby & Toddler Clothing Storage || Shared Monochrome Nursery

  1. I just sorted all of the clothes my kiddos have outgrown, so this seemed very timely. Thanks for some great tips! I need to get a bin for items that are too small while I wait for enough to get the tub down from the attic haha. I need one asap.


    • That’s been the best thing! Because they grow so fast that I just can’t justify bringing those tubs down every other week, haha!


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