How to Declutter Your Bathroom In Five Easy Steps

Anyone else feel like they are drowning in clutter?  We moved back in June and I feel like despite trying to stay organized and minimal, our belongings multiplied.  In the four months we’ve been in our house I’ve yet to organize our bathroom.  I will blame that on being in a new setting, away from family, with a newborn and a brand new toddler.  So we had two very cluttered and very messy bathrooms.  I finally had enough and tackled both bathrooms.  It took me way less time than I anticipated.  I finished both bathrooms in one day by utilizing nap time and after I put the kids to bed.  I probably spent no more than four hours total on this!  And the difference is staggering!  It is time to declutter your bathroom!

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Free and Cheap Fall Activities To Do With Your Toddler

Fall is in full force with Halloween right around the corner.  I have scoured Pinterest to find some cheap (and even free) fall activities to do with your toddler.  It is so fun to encourage Gemma to be creative and I can not wait to attempt some of these with her!

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Tummy Time || Is It Necessary? || Tips, Advice and Alternatives

Most of us parents have heard of “Tummy Time”. If you haven’t, that’s okay, I will explain it for you. It’s when you put the baby on their tummy. Pretty self-explanatory. With two kids I feel like I have gotten a grasp on Tummy Time and I’ve decided to write this quick guide for any new parent who does not know what tummy time is or who has a baby who hates tummy time and is looking for ways to cope.

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