Baby Boy Winter Clothes

It is time to start going through closets and making sure you have all the winter clothes you need!  I absolutely love the holidays and having two little ones to dress up makes it even more exciting! Today I wanted to share with you my absolute favorite Baby Boy Winter Clothes from Old Navy in hopes that you get some inspiration.  These outfits would be perfect for Thanksgiving Dinner, Christmas Photos or even Christmas services at church.

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Baby Boy Winter Clothes

[from Old Navy]


Aren’t these the absolute cutest winter clothes ever!  I will admit I have already bought the llama onesie with red bowtie for Evander.  Babies in bowties are probably the most precious thing on the planet.  You can’t disagree with that!  And I seriously think I need to go back to get the grey llama sweater.  It is the cutest little old man sweater and would be perfect for this holiday season.  But getting honest, if I had the money I would buy every single thing on this wishlist.  Let me know in the comments what places do you like to buy your little boy’s outfits from!  And which of these items are your favorites?

-Brittany Smith-

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