My daughter Gemma just turned two years old.  I was overwhelmed with what to get her for her birthday.  Somedays I feel like my home is overrun with loud, plastic toys that get played with for five seconds before being tossed aside for the next thing.  I am on a mission to slowly transition our home from these types of toys to more quality made items that spark creativity and imagination.  So I decided to share my top TWO YEAR OLD GIFT GUIDE with you!

**This Post Contains Affiliate Links**

I tried to make sure that these gifts enhanced learning and creativity while also lasting through more than one child.  Some of these items I personally own and some are on my own *wish list* so I will make sure and distinguish for you which ones I have tried personally and which ones I hope to try in the near future!


1. Art Supplies – Dot Markers

The first category I want to look at is Art!  Okay, so this will not be a specific item that lasts for years.  However, I think art has so many great benefits for our little ones!  These are at the top of my wish list for Gemma.  DOT MARKERS.  They are like Bingo Daubers.  They also make fun activity books specifically for dot markers and they look so fun.


2. Sensory Bin – Kinetic Sand

Sensory Bins have been a HUGE hit in our house.  My daughter loves them, and they have so many great benefits.  One sensory bin filler that we have not tried yet is using Kinetic Sand.  I would really love to get an activity set like this for Gemma to play with.  She would be able to shovel through the sand, use her fingers, build mounds and dig holes.  Such a fun sensory project!

3. Imaginary Play

This is a wide category but I had such a hard time choosing one thing!  We bought the Ikea play Kitchen for Gemma and it is so loved by her and our 11 month old son.  However if you already have a kitchen set then maybe consider a wardrobe for dress up, or a large doll house, or even a tool bench or grocery store front.  These do not have to be fancy and I actually think the simpler the better!


4. Outside – Water Table

This is a great outside toy that also combines sensory play!  We love our water table.  Gemma could actually play with this for an hour.  Once the sun comes out and it’s warm enough outside we play with ours almost every day.  She has scoops and toys that go in the water.  She has loved it since her first birthday and I am sure will continue to play with it for years to come.

5. Experience Gift

Whether it is a one time mommy and me cooking class, or a semester of swim classes, I am sure this is a gift that will be well received!  I loved taking Gemma to swim class and would love to take her to some kind of little gym class.  The girl is always flipping and tumbling and she would love to climb and flip in a structured environment.  Again this requires research of your location but I am sure there are a few options near where you live.  Even if you don’t think so, I would still take the time to ask around.


6. Gross Motor – Slide, Trampoline, Waldorf Inspired Rocker

Okay, I really can not pick just one!  But a GREAT gift for a two year old would be something to get them climbing and sliding or at least releasing energy.  We will definitely be acquiring a slide whenever we finally have a back yard again.  I think Gemma would love a trampoline, since she already spends so much time jumping on her bed and the sofa.  But what I am truly obsessed with are these Waldorf inspired rockers!  There are some beautiful ones from Wiwiurka on Etsy and they will forever be on my wishlist.


7. Movement — Tricycle or Sit-and-Scoot

You definitely need to consider getting your two year old something that moves!  We got Gemma this Radio Flyer tricycle and I know not only will she use it for years but it will get passed down to younger siblings as well.  If you feel like a tricycle will be too complicated for your little one, Gemma still loves these sit-and-scoot toys as well.


8. Abacus

It’s pretty, it’s colorful, it’s educational.  I adore these abacuses and ours gets played with every single day!  Such a “cheap” toy that is educational, doesn’t light up or make sound, and is visually appealing.


9. Two Piece Puzzles

These have taken a few weeks to get used to, but Gemma loves them!  I love that not only does it help her problem solving but she’s learning and remembering animals at the same time.  So many little puzzles come in this box that I only have half of them available to her at the moment.

10. Sorting and Stacking – Pegs and Bears

Alright, I cheated and there are two things for number ten.  But I needed to mention both!  These are on my wishlist and will most likely be purchased in the coming months. Both are extremely affordable, versatile and educational.  The peg board helps with fine motor skills while stacking and building, as well as working with colors.  The bears also have tweezers for fine motor skills along with color sorting and other counting activities.


I hope this list was helpful!  Don’t forget to fine me on YouTube at Tale of Two Smiths.


XOXO Brittany Smith





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