Baby Boy Winter Clothes

It is time to start going through closets and making sure you have all the winter clothes you need!  I absolutely love the holidays and having two little ones to dress up makes it even more exciting! Today I wanted to share with you my absolute favorite Baby Boy Winter Clothes from Old Navy in hopes that you get some inspiration.  These outfits would be perfect for Thanksgiving Dinner, Christmas Photos or even Christmas services at church.

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5 & 19 Month Update with Product Essentials

I can not believe that Evander is already 5 months old and Gemma is 19 months! It has been a whirlwind getting used to being not only a family of four but a mother to two under two. (That’s a mouthful!) I decided to give everyone a quick update and list out my favorite baby essentials for these ages!

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Tummy Time || Is It Necessary? || Tips, Advice and Alternatives

Most of us parents have heard of “Tummy Time”. If you haven’t, that’s okay, I will explain it for you. It’s when you put the baby on their tummy. Pretty self-explanatory. With two kids I feel like I have gotten a grasp on Tummy Time and I’ve decided to write this quick guide for any new parent who does not know what tummy time is or who has a baby who hates tummy time and is looking for ways to cope.

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Baby and Toddler Night Time Routine

Let’s be real, as parents, there are many days when we are counting down till bed time. A smooth running night time routine is crucial in the Smith Household. With two under two we ALL need bed time to run like a well-oiled machine. Rested babies and rested parents are SO important. Below, I am going to go through our daily night time routine in hopes that you might find something that helps with your own child’s bedtime.

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What I Am Teaching My One Year Old

As a former teacher, education is so, SO important to me! I cannot WAIT to really do “school time” with Gemma. Because she is only one year old we do not have any overly structured or planned schooling. However, she is a sponge and I want to take advantage of that! Gemma, along with all one year olds, is constantly learning and trying to figure things out. This is such an important time and I am doing my best to lay down a good foundation for her to build her education upon. So here are the things that I am currently teaching my one year old.

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When Breastfeeding Doesn’t Go As Planned | Second Time Around | Combo Feeding

My most popular post on the blog is when I wrote about my || failure to breastfeed Gemma ||.  I opened up a little bit during the World Breastfeeding Week, about my breastfeeding journey with Evander but I wanted to go into a little more detail here.  In all  honesty, I hope this post will either encourage someone going through the same thing or just be another story out there exclaiming that FED is BEST.

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How I Take A Monthly Baby Photo Using My iPhone

It’s all the rage to capture a monthly baby photo of your growing baby during the first year of their life. Pinterest is filled with the cutest collages of professional looking photographs. It feels hard to keep up, especially with two under two.

I thought I would show you how I have been taking Evander’s monthly photos. It takes less than 10 minutes and I only use my iPhone. Honestly it’s the only way to get it done.  My house is a mess, Gemma is getting into everything.  But I get those pictures!


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Two Under Two | Postpartum Update | Advice & Essentials

Evander is now three months old which means a few different things.  First, he is no longer a newborn.  Secondly, I have been caring for two babies under two years old for three months now.  That’s a quarter of a year!  This postpartum journey has been a whirlwind.  Seriously I’ve felt it all.  At times it seemed too easy, effortless and joyful.  Other times I have called Dallas at 2 pm begging him to get off on time and take the kids on an adventure because I cannot handle them anymore and just need an hour of silence.  Some days everything is jiving and I’m daydreaming about homeschooling so I can keep my babies home with me forever.  The next day I’m buzzed on coffee and thinking about going back to work so I can get out of the house and interact with adults.

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Sweet Gemma Raine

It’s officially official 💗 Baby Smith is a little girl!  I’m in shock that we’re actually halfway through the pregnancy.  It’s really flying by and I’m so glad. 

She’s such an active little bug. Constantly wiggling and moving. We pray she takes the world by storm! 

Jesus take the wheel 😳 We are already so eager to meet our little Gemma but we know she is safe and cozy and growing right now. 

This next season is going to be so busy!  Dallas and I pack up and move to Fort Worth in two weeks. Then we have Christmas 🎄 right around the corner and our anniversary trip to Memphis!

So in the meantime I’m keeping myself busy with packing, school teaching and picking up the new hobby of sewing. 😬 oh all the baby stuff!! 💗

💜The Smiths💜

Little Lovebug’s Update

How am I already 17 weeks?!?! Almost halfway through this pregnancy already. It’s so hard to fathom that we’ll be meeting our Bug face to face so soon. 

The past weeks have been packed. Dallas and I celebrated 10 months of marriage!  I’m so lucky to have him as my partner in life and Bug is so lucky to have him as a Daddy. He’s been quite the trooper through our crazy pregnancy and my steady companion… always pointing me to Jesus in the dark moments. 

I also got to feel our little Bug for the first time! Such a sweet gift this past week. I feel the tiniest of flutters and only when I am calm and relaxed and sitting or laying down. This little one sure loves to move!!

We had our third ultrasound and like before I am flabbergasted by how much this bug is growing!! LoveBug is curled up yet still wiggling away as he/she is growing. My blood spot is still there and still a concern however our bug seems healthy and strong!  So I praise God for that 💚

Dallas and I are so excited to find out the gender and finally be able to call this little one by his or her name. Most likely my next post will be a gender and name reveal!  Thank you to everyone for their support and prayers.  We truly are so blessed by family and friends God has given us. 
Dearest Bug, 

You are one of my greatest blessings already. I got to see you again today all snuggled up inside me. You sure gave the technician a hard time as she tried to give us lots of pictures.  You are growing so big and I’m so proud (eventhough my pants won’t fit much longer!) I love feeling you move around and I pray that one day you will move in step with God’s will.  You’ll be a force to be reckoned with little Love. I love you more than even I can comprehend some days. 

💚your joyful momma💚