How to Declutter Your Bathroom In Five Easy Steps

Anyone else feel like they are drowning in clutter?  We moved back in June and I feel like despite trying to stay organized and minimal, our belongings multiplied.  In the four months we’ve been in our house I’ve yet to organize our bathroom.  I will blame that on being in a new setting, away from family, with a newborn and a brand new toddler.  So we had two very cluttered and very messy bathrooms.  I finally had enough and tackled both bathrooms.  It took me way less time than I anticipated.  I finished both bathrooms in one day by utilizing nap time and after I put the kids to bed.  I probably spent no more than four hours total on this!  And the difference is staggering!  It is time to declutter your bathroom!

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Hospital Bag and Postpartum Care

Okay you guys it is getting real!  We are officially TWO days away from our “Baby Window” (more on that in a minute) and SIXTEEN days away from our actual due date.  I am beyond ready to finally hold our precious Bubs.  So I have decided to talk about my hospital bag which is now completely packed and ready to go.

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Nesting and Organizing in the Third Trimester



Hello Third Trimester!  The countdown to baby Evander is getting real.  We have exactly 53 days until we hit our “baby window”.  Gemma was born at 39 weeks and 0 days, so I’m predicting Evander’s arrival to fall somewhere in between 38-41 weeks.  I am in full on nesting mode and I wanted to share a little bit about what I am doing this time around to prepare.

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Tips and Tricks for Creating a Family Budget

Budgeting… a dreaded word for some.  I’m going to take a minute and show you how I created the very first Smith Family Budget that’s currently taped to our refrigerator.

Before we start a little back story:

I was a girl who had no clue how to handle her finances.  Before getting married I took out student loans, financed a car AND used a credit card to buy things I wanted but didn’t have the money for.  Then I married a man who was a little better with his money… but not much.

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Organize and Simplify the Home: Desk Space & Files

Welcome to the first blog post in a new series!  It’s called How to Organize and Simplify… and then we get to finish the rest of the title.  That’s right my friends.  You get to follow along in my journey to minimize and arrange the Smith Home.  Hopefully you’ll walk away encouraged because if I can organize and simplify then you can too!  For this post I’m organizing and simplifying my desk space and filing cabinet.

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Free Printables to Stay Productive and Organized in 2017

Free Organizational Printables for 2017

This year, like every year, I have some big plans to stay organized. I love technology and I love going paperless.  However, the truth is sometimes I just need a pen and paper to really get my mind and myself ready.

Every year I buy a planner. Every January the planner is packed full. Then by April *cough* February *cough* it’s completely empty, wasting away and collecting dust. Dallas and I have a strict budget for 2017. There is no wiggle room at all. I will be taking an unpaid maternity leave when Gemma arrives and we pay for his schooling without taking out loans. We are on the very long road to being debt free… So finances are IMPORTANT.

That being said I can not justify spending $20 (or really even $5) on a planner that the past has proved I will not use the whole year.  So I came up with a solution!

Free Printables!

There are so many talented people who are so generous with things like calendars, planners, goal lists, habit trackers, meal plans, finance trackers and the like. I’ve spent hours browsing through so many cute and FREE options to help get 2017 started in a productive and organized way. The great thing is, if I slip up for a month or two I can just dust myself off and print out a new copy and start over. It’s perfect for me and I’m sure it’s a great solution for a lot of you out there as well!

Free Printables to Stay Productive and Organized in 2017

So without further ado here are some of my favorite FREE organizational printables to help us through 2017:


  1. The Simple as That 2017 Calendar
    (we have it hanging on our refrigerator for birthday reminders)
  2. It’s the Simple Things minimal 2017 Calendar
  3.  This Little Street’s adorable 2017 Calendar
    (I love the design of these!!)
  4.  The Oh So Lovely’s gold tinted 2017 Calendars
    (there are so many GORGEOUS designs to choose from)
  5. The Little Surprises dotted and abstract 2017 calendars
    (I can’t choose between the two)


  1. Eliza Ellis’s Irma Weekly Planner
    (There are so many options + she has an etsy shop!)
  2. Crafted Love’s Daily and Weekly Planner
    (A perfect option if you don’t want something too girly)
  3. Alice and Lois’s floral weekly to-do list
    (I’m in LOVE!)

Meals, Chores, Financing and More

  1. Lili Luna’s Meal Planner
    (two designs that are simple and easy to use!)
  2. Frugal Mom Eh’s Meal Planner Kitchen Set
    (Meal Plans and Recipe Cards)
  3. Daisy Cottage Designs‘ Habit Tracker
    (Keep track of turning actions into habits)
  4. JustJamarill’s Financial Planner
    (8 pages of goodies!)
  5. Eat Craft Parent’s Handy Cleaning Schedule
    (I will definitely be using this one)


Just a few of my favorite printables that I’ve found to keep myself organized and productive this year!  I hope you found some that you want to utilize as well.  Don’t forget to check out my Pinterest for even more.  Let me know how you are choosing to stay organized this year.